I will be sending home papers closer to the end of the school year for your child to work on over the summer.  It is typical for kiddos to have a “summer slide” which means they forget a lot of material over the summer.  Don’t let this happen to your child!  If you need any materials to help you work with your child over the summer, please let me know!  I’m really focused on handwriting and writing currently.  I would like for students to be able to write a story independently with 3 or more sentences with neat handwriting.  I also want students to be able to add and subtract numbers within 10 independently (using their fingers to help them is OK).  If your child cannot tie shoes, they should be practicing that also.  Those are just some ideas of things that you can work on with your child over the summer.  😊

Please continue to talk to your child about staying on task and making every day count in Kindergarten.  We have only 18 days left!

Don’t forget to get your Scholastic order forms turned in if you are purchasing books.  I want to make sure they get home to you before Summer Break.  If you order online, the code is: R8KCM

Our last Field Trip is on May 17th.  It looks like we have the perfect number of chaperones.  I will confirm with you by the end of this week, but if you checked that you would like to be a chaperone, then it looks like you will be going.  Thank you so much for volunteering!  Don’t forget, if you are a chaperone, you MUST have Safe and Sacred on file to attend.  If you have any questions about the Field Trip, please let me know.  Let’s pray for nice weather this time!!!

Just a reminder-  Now that spring is here, girls many NOT wear navy pants on mass days.  They need to wear their school uniform skirt or jumper.

Our specials schedule is:

Monday and Tuesday- PE (Please wear appropriate shoes.)

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Music

Friday- Library (Please return any overdue books)

Important Dates & Reminders:

*5/7 PRIDE meeting NUT day.  Dinner Auction Meeting in the PLC 6:30-8 p.m.  Registration due for childcare during the dinner auction to Yo in the RE/Youth Office.  Questions?  Contact Yolanda 317-736-6754.

*5/11 Final SPIRIT Day.

*5/12 St. Rose Annual Dinner Auction “Luau” in the PLC from 6-11 p.m. (dinner starts at 7).  Childcare will be available in the Legacy Anniversary Room of the church office.

*5/17 Kindergarten Field Trip to the Butterfly Gardens.

*5/23 Kindergarten Program at 6:30 p.m.  (more info. to come).

*5/25 Mark your calendars for Field Day (more info. to come).

*5/28 NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day

*5/31 Last day of school.  We will dismiss at 1pm.

Here is what we are working on this week:

Theme:  We are continuing our theme of butterflies/insects this week.

Please work with your child at home to ensure that they have mastered the following words:

Jesus, God, blue, can, I, red, the, we, yellow, like, green, a, to, and, see, play, purple, orange, go, is, pink, brown, black, have, you, for, white, gray, are, look, here, that, it, he, she, then, them, these, by, up, down, at, there, out, which, who, what, when, number, one, two, made, time, write, people, am, do, did, in, on, was, with, has, had, will, make, my, no, but, be, his, him, her, said, your, come, some, find, many, all

Math:  We are going to work with both addition and subtraction for the rest of the school year.

Writing: Drawing real life pictures with 3-star coloring (colors make sense, no white spaces, staying in the lines) and using labels.  We are now trying to write several full sentences.  We are working on sounding out words, starting sentences with capital letters, ending with a sentence stopper, and proper spacing between words.