April 16, 2018


Welcome back!  I was only a little bit jealous of all those sunburned faces I saw this morning 😊 We wrote about what we did over Spring Break during writing time today, and I enjoyed hearing about all the fun the kiddos had.


Please continue to remind your child that our time left in Kindergarten is limited, and we need to make every day count.  That means that the kiddos need to come to school every day ready to learn and follow directions.  This time of year is when the kiddos start to get antsy and behavior becomes an issue.  Hopefully we won’t have any of those problems though. 😊


This week is Kindergarten’s 2nd and final Mass!  If your child has a reading part, please practice with him/her every night until Friday.  The following students also have parts in this week’s Mass:

Brayden, AJ, Kyla- Gifts

Lorelei and 8th grade buddy- Server


Our last field trip is scheduled for Thursday, May 17th (after Mass).  More information to come home soon.


Our specials schedule is:

Monday and Tuesday- PE (Please wear appropriate shoes.)

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Music

Friday- Library (Please return any overdue books)


Important Dates & Reminders:

*4/16 School resumes; uniform shorts can be worn except for on mass days.  Dinner Auction Meeting 6:30-8 p.m. (Resource Room).

*4/17 PRIDE meeting at 6:30 p.m.

*4/18 Athletics Dine to Donate @ Firehouse Subs 4-9 p.m.

*4/19 Kindergarten’s Last Mass

*4/27 Mother’s Day Card Order forms due.  If you need an additional order form, go to http://stroseschool.stroselions.net/2018/04/02/honoring-special-women-lives-2/

*4/30 VIP Day reservation forms due (forms came home before spring break).

*5/4 Mark your calendars for our annual VIP Day and May Crowning.

*5/12 Mark your calendars for our annual Dinner Auction.

*5/17 Kindergarten Field Trip

*5/23 Kindergarten Award’s Celebration at 6:30 (more info. to come)

*5/25 Mark your calendars for Field Day (more info. to come).

*5/28 NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day

*5/31 Last day of school


Here is what we are working on this week:

Theme:  Our theme this week is Space/Earth Day.  We are continuing to work on our best handwriting.

Our new sight words are his, him, her, said, your.

Please work with your child at home to ensure that they have mastered the following words:

Jesus, God, blue, can, I, red, the, we, yellow, like, green, a, to, and, see, play, purple, orange, go, is, pink, brown, black, have, you, for, white, gray, are, look, here, that, it, he, she, then, them, these, by, up, down, at, there, out, which, who, what, when, number, one, two, made, time, write, people, am, do, did, in, on, was, with, has, had, will, make, my, no, but, be, his, him, her, said, your

Math:  We are going to work with both addition and subtraction for the rest of the school year.  We will continue working with measurement also.

Writing: Drawing real life pictures with 3-star coloring (colors make sense, no white spaces, staying in the lines) and using labels.  We are now trying to write several full sentences.  We are working on sounding out words, starting sentences with capital letters, ending with a sentence stopper, and proper spacing between words.