3rd Grade Weekly Wave

RELIGION     We will work on Chapter 13 this week.  In Chapter 13 we will talk about how the Church continues the mission of the Apostles, Peter the Rock, and the Marks of the Church.
**We are now back to our Mass Uniform for the girls being only skirts or jumpers!  

 SPELLING –  Our spelling words for this week are compound words.  We will not have spelling tests this week due to ISTEP.  However, we will still be doing a few activities to go with the words. Please see the link for the next three weeks of words.

Boom Beatrice Carousel

READING We will be reading a story called “Boom Town.”  We will work on vocabulary, sequencing, and comprehension.  We will not have a test over the story but will do an assessment of some kind to finish up.

GRAMMAR /VOCAB.In Grammar, we will work on singular and plural pronouns.  We will also talk about proper nouns.  In our Vocabulary books, we will work on using words in context clues to help us learn the meaning.
**Depending on how ISTEP goes, will depend on how much of the Grammar and Vocab. we get to.  

MATH   We will continue our measurement chapter with volume and mass.  We will most likely have a test over this chapter NEXT week after we get through ISTEP! 

SCIENCE –  We will continue to focus on Social Studies.

SOCIAL STUDIES –  We will continue with our chapter this week and talk about people and their environments and how to read directions on a map. No test scheduled yet.  Stay tuned!

April 16 – School Starts!
April 17 – Second part of ISTEP
April 20 – I will be out of the classroom
April 25 – Benjamin Harrison Home Field Trip (See below)
May 4 – VIP DAY and May Crowning
May 24 – 8th Grade Graduation
May 25 – Field Day
May 28 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL
May 30 – Dinkel’s Pond Field Trip (Info to come later)
May 31 – Last Day

Please remember that we are doing the 2nd half of our ISTEP tests this week and next Monday!  Please try not to make any appointments during the mornings if at all possible.  Again, we will be testing this Monday-Thursday, and next Monday in the mornings.

Please see the link below for a special way to honor the women in your life for Mother’s Day.

Honoring Special Women In Our Lives

I will be out on Friday, April 20. Mrs. Hudson will be subbing for me so I can go with my daughter to schedule her classes at Marian University!  Please say a few prayers for us that day!  It is getting very real that my girl is going to college! 🙂 

We will be going to the President Benjamin Harrison Home on Wednesday, April 25. I have all the permission slips, but I am still missing some payments for the students.  If you haven’t sent in the $6 for your child please do so as soon as possible.  If you need assistance with cost, please let me know.

I have all the parents I need for this field trip.  I will be sending out reminders on Monday of next week as to who is driving and who will be passengers. The parking is limited, so please be understanding of my plans and car assignments. I have the following parents going with us, please let me know if something has changed or I have the wrong parent!  🙂 ALSO, YOU MUST HAVE THE SAFE AND SACRED COMPLETED AS WELL AS THE BACKGROUND CHECK COMPLETED!!
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold
Mrs. Lucas
Mrs. Bowker
Mrs. Nix
Mrs. Speer
Mr. Linton

GOLDEN TICKETS REWARD SYSTEM – Please click on the link below to read my letter that explains our Golden Ticket Reward System.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Golden Ticket Reward System

Monday  –   PE

Tuesday  –     ISTEP and MUSIC

Wednesday  –   ISTEP and LIBRARY

Thursday  – MASS and ISTEP and PE

Friday – ART  and PE (I will be out this day)