• ISTEP starts this week! We will test through next week almost every day. We will start first thing on most days, so it is very important that students arrive on time (before bell rings at 8 am). Several people in the building are affected by our schedule if we do not start on time.
  • I sent out an email last week with details about the 7th grade leadership retreat field trip on 5/11. I am in need of drivers. You must have your Safe and Sacred and background check up to date. Please let me know if you can drive.
  • Mother’s Day Card order forms are due on 4/27. Link for forms:
  • The 8th grade class will be accepting Fear Factor donations until Thursday, April 26.  All donations will go toward their upcoming trip to DC. Ask your student what each teacher fears the most!
  • Just a reminder that although students may now wear shorts, they may not wear them on Mass days.
  • VIP forms are due on 4/30. VIP day/May Crowning is on 5/4.

6th Grade Science

We are talking about static electricity and current electricity this week.


7th Grade

Prealgebra: Translations and reflections

Math: samples (biased and unbiased), surveys, and interpreting data

Science: Students have 2 weeks to complete their presentations for their projects, although they have had 2 weeks to work on them already. We will begin presenting April 30. They have received a sheet with the requirements.


8th Grade

Intro to Algebra: Graphing parabolas and solving quadratic equations using the quadratic formula

Prealgebra: Dilations and similarity

Science: Finish up global winds and other movements of air; climate