Welcome back!  I hope the children had a WONDERFUL spring break & enjoyed some “down time.”  We did!  I always look forward to seeing their smiling faces, especially when we return from a break.  It’s hard to believe we only have 33 days of school left!  Where did this year go?  I hope the children are ready to hit the ground running as they return to school so we can finish the year strong!  Spring time can be challenging for us all to stay focused as the weather gets nicer (hopefully) and we begin to look forward to summer.  However, we still have a lot of work to do.  Your  daily reminders at home for the children to do their BEST work are always very helpful, so thank you in advance! 🙂  Unfortunately, this time of year tends to bring hurried work & silly mistakes.  Although, if you ask the children they will tell you my motto, “Hard work pays off!  If we work hard, we get to play hard!”  We’ll definitely be taking some extra “brain breaks” outside (if we finally get some nice weather that is) to help us stay focused.  These last 6 weeks will be very busy so please be sure you are making note of important, upcoming events & dates.  Thanks for all you do!  Your continued help and support is appreciated!  Below is a preview of some of the things we’ll be doing this week :


This week we will be working on reading & spelling digraph ei (long /e/ & long /a/), reading & spelling digraph ew, suffixes -er & -est, suffix -ful and prefix un- (words with both prefixes & suffixes) .  The following sight words will be introduced with this week’s Saxon lessons: through & eight.  It’s important that the children are reviewing their sight words at home each week (these words can be found each week in my newsletter; all of this year’s newsletters can be found at www.stroselions.net under the first grade blog link).   Thanks for working on these words!  It truly makes a difference!


The Spelling words for this week are:  before, seven, large, write, know, hopped, hoped, trading, chipped, playground, again* & country* The words followed by an asterisk are sight words and need to be memorized, not “sounded out.”  The children will also be given a sentence to write:  The wind made the trees sway.  The pre-test will be on Wednesday and the final test on Friday.  If the children spell all of the words (including writing the sentence) correct on Wednesday, they will not have to take the test on Friday.


This week we will be reading a Time for Kids about different jobs.   The children will bring their books home on Monday evening for homework.  The children need to read pgs. 226-239  They will bring home a leveled reader on Wednesday  to read for homework.  PLEASE be sure the children return their books the NEXT day so they have them for reading here at school.  It’s a good idea to ask the “Think and Compare” questions at the end of each selection.  The children are really doing a good job reading their stories each week!  We couldn’t do it without your help and support!  THANK YOU!


We will review telling time to the hour & 1/2 hour.  A few children are struggling with this, please be sure to practice with them at home.  We will begin Chapter 8/Two-Digit Addition & Subtraction.


We will begin Chapter 16/Jesus Teaches Us to Love Others.  In this chapter we will talk about how “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Important Dates & Reminders:

*Thanks to all who have been helping with our daily snacks!  We are starting to run low again so if you haven’t had a chance to donate lately, we’d appreciate your help.

*The 8th grade class will be accepting Fear Factor donations until Thursday, April 26.  All donations will go toward their upcoming trip to DC.  I don’t know about you, but I’m donating for Mr. Setnor’s long, overdue haircut!  🙂  🙂  🙂

*4/16  School resumes; uniform shorts can be worn except for on mass days.  Dinner Auction Meeting 6:30-8 p.m. (Resource Room).

*4/17  PRIDE meeting at 6:30 p.m.

*4/18  Athletics Dine to Donate @ Firehouse Subs 4-9 p.m.

*4/27  Mother’s Day Card Order forms due.  If you need an additional order form, go to http://stroseschool.stroselions.net/2018/04/02/honoring-special-women-lives-2/

*4/27 & 4/30  I will be attending the 8th grade field trip to Washington D.C. with my daughter.  Mrs. Adams will be subbing for me both days.

*4/30  VIP Day reservation forms due (forms came home before spring break).

*5/4  Mark your calendars for our annual VIP Day and May Crowning.

*5/12  Mark your calendars for our annual Dinner Auction.  You won’t want to miss it!  Look for more information to come as the date gets closer.

*5/25  Mark your calendars for Field Day (more info. to come).

*5/28  NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day

*5/31  Last day of school.

Special Schedule:

Monday:  PE

Tuesday:  Library

Wednesday:  PE

Thursday:  Mass (All are welcome!) & Music

Friday:  Art

Be sure to read Mrs. Floyd’s Weekly Roar every Monday to keep up on all that is going on at St. Rose.  Also, be sure to check out our website www.stroselions.net frequently so you don’t miss out on anything important.  The Google calendar is always full of important dates and upcoming events.  You don’t want to miss out!