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The children are getting excited about their upcoming Christmas program this Thursday evening!  Our schedule will be a little different this week due to K-5 practicing together for this special evening.  The Christmas program begins at 6:30.  The students should meet me in our classroom at 6:15.  If you arrive early to get a seat, the children can wait with you in the PLC, but please be sure they are in our classroom at 6:15.  We ask that the children wear their “Sunday best” for the program (no jeans or sweats please).  Please be sure to send in a wallet size (or smaller) picture of your child this week for the craft the students will be making at our Christmas party.  Thanks to all who helped at this year’s Book Fair!  We couldn’t do it without our wonderful volunteers!  Thanks to all who have been sending in snacks for the children too.  We truly appreciate it!  There will not be a newsletter next week due to a shortened week.  I would like to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year!  Below is a preview of some of the things we’ll be doing this week:


This week we will work on reading & spelling combination ar & or (more “bossy r” sounds), reading & spelling digraph ch and combination qu.  The sight words that will be introduced with this week’s Saxon lessons are:  word, work & world.  It’s important that the children are reviewing these sight words at home each week (we have learned over 60 words so far, these words can be found each week in my newsletter; all of this year’s newsletters can be found at www.stroselions.net under the first grade blog link).  I started assessing the children on these words last week & hope to finish this week.  Once I do, I will send the words home so you can see which words they were able to read & which words they may need to practice more.   Thanks for working on these words!  It truly makes a difference!


The following list of words was sent home the Friday before our 2-day week:  us, six, yes, good, jump, five, name, drink, stacked, napkin, some* & was* The words followed by an asterisk are sight words and need to be memorized, not “sounded out.”  The children will also be given a sentence to write:  His heel swelled and felt hot.  The pre-test will be on Wednesday and the final test on Friday.  If the children spell all of the words (including writing the sentence) correct on Wednesday, they will not have to take the test on Friday.  I am pleased with how well the children have been doing on the Spelling test each week.  The children have noticed that the words are getting harder, but they have really been working hard.  If you would like suggestions for helping your child study for their words each week, please let me know.  There will be NO Spelling test next week.


We will finish our 3rd reading book this week.  I am really enjoying seeing the progress the children are making.  It’s so neat to see how they have progressed since the 1st day of Kindergarten (for those that I taught).  WOW!  Our story this week is “Gram & Me.”  The children will bring home their reading books on Monday for homework.  They are expected to read (can be read to if needed) the “Get Ready Story” (What I Like About Spring) and the “Main Selection” (Gram & Me).  They will bring home a leveled reader on Wednesday to read for homework.  PLEASE be sure the children return their books the NEXT day so they have them for reading here at school.  It’s a good idea to ask the “Think and Compare” questions at the end of each selection.  The children are really doing a good job reading their stories each week!  We couldn’t do it without your help and support!  THANK YOU!  There will be NO reading homework next week.


We will begin Chapter 5:  Addition and Subtraction Relationships (related facts/fact families, deciding to use addition or subtraction when problem solving, using addition to check subtraction).  If you’d like for your child to work on the Xtra Math program at home, but have lost your login information, please let me know.  I’d be happy to send home a new form.  If your child is already doing Xtra Math at home, please be sure you are monitoring this, I am sent a report every week and some of the children are either not completing their session or are missing quite a few problems.


This week we will continue reading daily Advent devotionals, light the 2nd candle of our Advent wreath, which represents “peace” and we’ll continue reading about the Christmas story.

Important Dates:

12/14  Be sure to mark your calendar for grades K-5 Christmas Program  beginning at 6:30 p.m.  The 1st grade has planned and will take part in Thursdays mass.  All are welcome!

12/15  Student Council NUT day.  See attached flyer NUT 12-15-17 .

12/18  Mrs. Fleshood (helps in our classroom every morning) will be subbing for me next Monday, 12/18.  If you need to get a message to her regarding your child’s after school plans, please call the school office or e-mail Mrs. Carnes at [email protected] .  Please remind your children to be on their BEST behavior for her.  Mrs. Fleshood is in our classroom every morning for 2 hours so she knows our routine and what is expected.  Thanks for your help!

*12/19  The 1st grade class will be shopping at PRIDE’s Santa Shop on Tuesday afternoon only.  Please look for a shopping list form to come home sometime this week from PRIDE.  All items are very affordable & range in price of $1-$5.  The children love doing their own Christmas shopping!

12/21  Free NUT day if students wear red or green.  End of 2nd quarter.  Early Dismissal/Christmas Break begins at 1:00 on Thursday.  Our classroom Christmas party will be from 12-1.  The following people signed up to help at Back To School Night:  Craft/Kasey Wooten; Game/Mariah Brooks; Snack/Alicia Louden; Drink Pouches & Napkins/Debbie Houchin.  There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday 12/22.  School resumes on Tuesday, January 9.

**December Birthdays:  Evey, Oliver & Maggie.  December 1/2 Birthdays:  Harmony & Roman.  If you would like to be a guest reader for your FAVORITE 1ST GRADER’s BIRTHDAY or 1/2 BIRTHDAY, please let me know so we can arrange a date/time for you to come in and read to our class.  If your schedule does not allow, please send in a book of their choice on their birthday (or close to if a weekend date or Christmas break date) and I will read it to the class.  Happy Birthday & 1/2 Birthday to all of our December 1st graders!**

Special Schedule:

Monday:  PE (Students should wear “tennis” shoes.)

Tuesday:  Library

Wednesday:  PE

Thursday:  Mass (All are welcome!) & Music

Friday:  Art

Be sure to read Mrs. Floyd’s Weekly Roar every Monday to keep up on all that is going on at St. Rose.  Also, be sure to check out our website www.stroselions.net frequently so you don’t miss out on anything important.  The Google calendar is always full of important dates and upcoming events.  You don’t want to miss out!