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November 27, 2017

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Break!  We have four weeks left until the end of our semester and Christmas Break.  We have a lot to learn until then!  We will begin assessing shortly for the next report card.  I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks in Kindergarten to begin learning and talking about Advent, Christmas, and a lot more holiday fun!!!

Important Dates:

12/1 Spirit Day

12/2 3rd Annual Holiday Market (doors open at 8 a.m.) and Breakfast with Santa from 9-11 a.m.

12/3 Advent Begins

12/4-12/8 Scholastic Book Fair

12/8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception/Holy Day of Obligation.  Our weekly all school mass will be on Friday at 8:30, all are welcome.  Students are to wear their mass uniforms.  Girls are now allowed to wear navy pants/white shirts for mass until March if they wish because of the colder temperatures during the winter months.

12/13 & 12/14 PRIDE’s Santa Shop

12/14   K-5 Christmas Program beginning at 6:30 p.m.

12/21 End of 2nd quarter.  Early Dismissal/Christmas Break begins at 1:00 on Thursday.  Our classroom Christmas party will be from 12-1.  The following people signed up to help at Back To School Night:  Craft/Kyla Lane-Adams; Game/Rylee Peters; Snack/Brayden Miller; Drink Pouches/Lilly Hudson; Napkins/AJ Wooten.

There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday 12/22.  School resumes on Tuesday, January 9.


Here is what we are working on this week:


Our theme this week is Neighborhoods/Maps and Directions.

We have finished all of our colors of the week.  We will continue to review them throughout the school year.

Our popcorn words this week are “here” and “that.”

Our letter of the week is Gg.

Please work with your child at home to ensure that they have mastered the following words:

Jesus, God, blue, can, I, red, the, we, yellow, like, green, a, to, and, see, play, purple, orange, go, is, pink, brown, black, have, you, for, white, gray, are, look, here, that

Math: We are continuing learning about 2D shapes and their attributes.  Ask your child if he/she can tell you what a vertex is! 😊 We are also counting to 100 by ones, tens, and fives.

Writing: Drawing real life pictures with 3-star coloring (colors make sense, no white spaces, staying in the lines) and using labels.  We are working on sounding out words.


Looking forward to another great week in Kindergarten! 😊