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Please remind your middle school students that they will be turning in journals this Friday!  They have had a few weeks off, but need to get back in the habit this week of reading their Bibles daily and writing in their journals weekly.

On Wednesday, all middle school students should bring a saint costume that can be slipped on over their uniform during religion class (they will not be wearing the costume all day). The costume can be very simple, but should represent a saint that the student will describe in class for other students to guess. Most of the students have already chosen their saints, as they were given time in class to do some research. The only stipulation is that the saint chosen must be the same gender as the student. Students will give a brief first-person introduction to their saint, so the other students can guess.

This week’s class plans:

6th Graders just finished learning about Joseph’s life in Egypt.  This week we will do a bit of review over the units covered so far, then we will move on to the next period of Old Testament history.  Students will learn that Joseph’s entire family joined him in Egypt, but his descendants were eventually enslaved by a ruler who feared that the Jews would gain too much power in Egypt.

7th Graders are planning Mass this week!  They will be in charge of the All Saints Day Mass at 8:30 on WEDNESDAY (instead of the usual all-school Mass on Thursday).  Much of our week will be spent preparing for Mass and celebrating the Saints in class, but toward the end of the week we will continue our study of the life of Christ, with a chapter on Jesus’ calling of His first followers: The Apostles.

8th Graders continue their discussion of “What is Church?”  We are about to embark on a study of the 4 Marks of the Church as outlined in the Creed: The Church is ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC.  In the next few weeks, students should be able to list the 4 marks and to be able to define each one.