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The Lion Cubs did a great job this week!  Coming back after fall break, we thought the kids would go through some crying spells again, but they actually seemed very happy to be back with their friends!

This week we sang songs about shapes and talked about circles, squares, triangles and rectangles.  We did many activities with shapes, including making jack-o-lanterns with triangle eyes, rectangle or square noses, and of course a circle head. We are also singing songs about Halloween and Christmas.  :}

We have a new student in our class.  Her name is Addyson.  Now we are up to 15 students on Wednesdays!!

On Monday, the students can wear a Halloween shirt if they have one.  They could also wear orange or black.  The rest of the school will be celebrating on Tuesday but our class day is Monday so we will do it then.  Mrs. Richards and I will have some little treat bags for them.  We will not be wearing costumes in our class.  It is just too tricky to get them on and off!!

On Wednesday we will talk about saints.  It is All Saints Day.  The rest of the school will be going to 8:30 Mass.  Feel free to join us at the school Mass if you can!

Thanks for sharing your children with us at St. Rose!

Mrs. Langferman and Mrs. Richards