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  • Mass is on Thursday
  • Parent-teacher conferences are on Wednesday and Thursday. They are student-led in Middle School. Students must attend. Please arrive on time so that we can stay on schedule and do not throw off other parents’ conference times, as well as other teachers’ conferences. Thanks for understanding!
  • Please note that we have 2 early dismissal days this week!
  • Read The Roar for all special events this week!

6th Grade Science

Students will be learning about the interactions of living things this week, as well as the roles that organisms play in the movement of energy.


7th Grade

Prealgebra: We are beginning our unit on ratios, rates, and proportions this week.

Math: 2 step equations and inequalities, as well as multi-step equations


Science: We will work on processes that shape our Earth and move into the rock cycle.


8th Grade

Intro to Algebra: We will review slope, graphing lines using slope, and using slope with real-life data. We will begin graphing lines using slope and y-intercepts.

Prealgebra: We are learning how to solve equations with variables on both sides this week using the distributive property. We will solve inequalities as well.

Thursday: Review of 3D figures unit

Science: Review of ionic and covalent bonds; Chemical reactions