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Thanks to all of our chaperones who attended our field trip last Tuesday!  We had a great day and perfect weather!  We will continue talking about animal habitats  this week.  Be sure to ask your child what they’ve been learning!  A special thanks to Mrs. Schilten for all of her help with our zoo plans and to Mrs. Bobish for getting all of the sack lunches ready that students ordered from school.  Hopefully your child talked to you about what he/she learned about bullying from Deputy Baird’s visit last Wednesday.  We always enjoy seeing Deputy Baird, his wife, Beth, and their dog, Benny!  Thanks to Ms. Hammond for planning this annual visit from Deputy Baird!  Our students always learn a lot of important information to help keep them safe.  I appreciate all of the snacks that were sent in last week.  Thanks for your continued help!  Shorts are not to be worn once we return from fall break.    Below is a preview of some of the things we’ll be doing this week:


This week we will work on reading & spelling w and the blends sw & tw (didn’t get to as planned last week), vc/cv’ syllable division rule, reading & spelling vowel-consonant-e rule (a-e; o-e; u-e; i-e; e-e)  and spelling with final ke.  I have been noticing that the children are using many of the rules we have been learning to help them figure out words they don’t know when we are reading (and spelling) during class.  🙂  Hopefully they are doing the same for you.  The sight words that will be introduced with this week’s Phonics lessons are:   want, was, where, two, done, one & sure.  Please continue working on the high frequency words on the back side of the Saxon Phonics pages, especially if your child is having difficulty reading these words.  I do not assess these words every day, however, on the days that I do I will circle any of the words that your child was unable to read for me.  Thanks for working on these words at home!  It truly makes a difference!


Once again, you will notice 2 words with an asterisk on your child’s spelling list this week.  These words are sight words and need to be memorized, not “sounded out.”  The following list of words was sent home on Friday:  ask, big, can, cat, drop, lost, ants, snip, flag, stand, of* & to*.   The children will also be given a sentence to write:  Ask Dan to clap.  The pre-test will be on Wednesday and the final test on Friday.  If the children spell all of the words (including writing the sentence) correct on Wednesday, they will NOT have to take the test on Friday.  Some of the children have not been writing neatly and/or have not been making their letters the correct size.  Please be sure to talk to them about the importance of this.  It makes the words difficult to read or sometimes looks as if they are writing a capital letter when it’s not necessary.  Thanks for your help!  I am pleased with how well the children have been doing on the Spelling test each week.


Monday evening’s reading homework is a Time for Kids, non-fiction article titled “A Prairie Dog.”   A leveled reader will come home on Wednesday to read for homework.  If you feel like your child is struggling with the leveled reader I send home on Wednesdays, please let me know.  I have a few different levels and can change the books out if it becomes too frustrating.  PLEASE be sure the children return their books the NEXT day so they have them for reading here at school.  Last week we were mising a few leveled readers again.  It’s a good idea to ask the “Think and Compare” questions at the end of each selection.


We will finish up the chapter on Subtraction this week.  The children have been doing a pretty good job, but please make sure you are going over any mistakes you see on their papers to make sure they understand what they did wrong.  We work on problems daily in our Math books as well as using “counters” to help us solve problems.


We will finish Chapter 6/God Speaks To Us.  The children did a great job coming up with what it means to “Be A Rose” as we’ve been working on understanding our Student Mission (the children’s work is displayed outside of our classroom 🙂 ):

Respect for all
Obedience to Christ
Service to Others
Excellence in Education

Important Dates:

10/9  Picture Retakes

10/11  Pink or Purple NUT day for a $1 (or more) donation.  All money will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

10/16-10/20  Fall Break.  ENJOY!

10/23  Flat Stanley Project due.  I can’t wait to see Flat Stanley’s adventures! 🙂

10/25  Parent/Teacher Conferences beginning at 3:00 (Confirmation letters came home last week.).

10/26 & 10/27  Early Dismissal @ 1:00 for Parent/Teacher Conferences

10/31  Halloween Party @ 1:30 (more information to come after fall break).

Special Schedule:

Monday:  PE (Students should wear “tennis” shoes.)

Tuesday:  Library **Due to fall break, students will NOT check out library books again this week.**

Wednesday:  PE

Thursday:  Mass (All are welcome!) & Music

Friday:  Art

Be sure to read Mrs. Floyd’s Weekly Roar every Monday to keep up on all that is going on at St. Rose.  Also, be sure to check out our website www.stroselions.net frequently so you don’t miss out on anything important.  The Google calendar is always full of important dates and upcoming events.  You don’t want to miss out!