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Holiday Happenings:  The Lion Cubs will have a little Halloween celebration in our classroom on Monday, Oct. 30, since that is our closest day of class near Halloween.  We will NOT wear costumes, but they can wear a Halloween shirt.  You do not need to send in treats, Mrs. Richards and I will take care of that.

Our Christmas Program for Lion cubs will be at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, December 18. We are going to sing our Christmas songs for our parents in our classroom.  This will only last about 2o minutes.  Then the students who stay half day can go home.

This week we have been talking about Pumpkins and next week we will be talking about Columbus Day and our country.  Every week we are working on counting and colors and shapes and letters.  Our focus is learning through play.  We have centers every day and in these centers we work on problem solving (puzzles), sorting, colors, counting, writing (using chalk and dry erase markers and pencils), small motor skills, letter recognition, etc.

Our Bible Verse this week was, “Rejoice in the Lord always.”  Phil. 4:4

Next week we will begin to focus on our St. Rose Mission Statement.  Respect for all, Obedience to Christ, Service to Others, and Excellence in Education.  The first letters of each point spell ROSE!

Thank you for allowing us to teach your children at St. Rose!

Mrs. Langferman and Mrs. Richards