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Hello Parents!

Weekly reading logs are due on Friday, 10/6, submitted through Google Classroom.


  • Students have 1 1/2 weeks to take their AR tests on their biography/autobiographies for the quarter. Most students have already taken it, but there are still several that need to finish a biography and take the AR test. Please check with your child to see if they still need to do this.
  • Substitute for me on Wednesday as I will be out at a conference.
  • Next week is the end of quarter cumulative test on all 6 vocabulary lists we’ve had this quarter. Be sure that your child is reviewing all 6 lists to be prepared for next Friday. Thanks! 


6th Grade:

Rdg & LA: Begin reading the book, Touching Spirit Bear.

Skills for the week: review of literary elements, character analysis

6th Vocabulary: List 6 – Homophones


7th Grade:

LA: subject/verb agreement

7B Rdg Grp: Continue reading, The Girl Who Owned a City. Quiz Ch. 6-7.

Skills for week: mood/tone

7th Vocabulary List: Unit 6 – Words from Mythology



LA: subject/verb agreement

7A/8B Rdg. Grp: Continue reading, The Outsiders. Quiz Ch. 5-6.

8A Rdg. Grp: Continue reading, Code Orange. Quiz Ch. 6-7.

Skills for the week: allusion

8th Vocabulary List: Unit 21 – Smart or Not So Smart