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  • Mass is on Thursday
  • Check Jupiter for missing work-The quarter is almost over!

*I will be out Tuesday afternoon and all of Wednesday. Students will be responsible for finishing in-class work for homework, but if they use their time wisely, it will not be more than what is typically assigned for homework.


6th Grade Science

Students will be working on classification and binomial nomenclature this week.


7th Grade

Prealgebra: We are finishing up our equations and inequalities unit. We will work on our study guides on Tuesday and test on Friday.

Math: We are working on one-step equations and beginning one-step inequalities. We will also review how to graph inequalities this week.

Thursday: We work on area of composite figures.

Science: We will learn about photosynthesis and cellular respiration this week. Students will quiz on Friday. They will have flash/sorting cards to help them review.


8th Grade

Intro to Algebra: Students will receive the first part of their study guide on Monday and we will work on literal equations. They will receive the second part of the study guide on Wednesday. It will be due on Friday. We will quiz next Tuesday.

Prealgebra: We are learning how to solve equations with variables on both sides this week.

Thursday: Volume of pyramids

Science: We are working on ionic bonds this week. We are naming and writing formulas. We will hopefully also begin covalent bonds.