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Happy Fall, y’all!  Don’t forget to return any trash bag orders today!  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! The money helps us do the fun, extra things!

Officer Baird will be here on Wednesday to speak to 4 and 5 graders about Internet Safety.  He, along with his wife and dog, do a wonderful job explaining this topic to the children.  Feel free to join us at 1:00 in the PLC.

I will be out of the building on Wednesday to do a school visit at Christ the King in Indianapolis.  Our class will have a substitute teacher, so please remind your child of the expectations with another adult in the room.  Thanks!

Dates to Know:

10/4 Officer Baird will return to St. Rose for a presentation about Internet Safety;  I will be out of the building doing an external school visit at Christ the King

10/6 October’s Spirit Day

10/7-10/8 Rummage Sale put on by 8th grade

10/11  Pink & Purple Day for Cancer (NUT day for a $1 donation to American Cancer Society)

10/16-10/20  FALL BREAK

10/24 RHS will visit to talk about their Open House

10/25 Student Council NUT DAY

10/25-10/27 PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES (Mrs. Floyd will be sending home letters/times)

*Check the Google Calendar on the front page of our school’s website!


We have begun chapter 1: God’s Wonderful Creation.

We have also been working on an All About Catholic Mass booklet.  Ask your child about it!



Chapter 2: Divide Whole Numbers

Lesson 1-Place the First Digit (ask about our “division family” of steps in a process! DMSCB

Lesson 2- Divide by 1-digit Divisors   Does your child know the meanings of : quotient, remainder, divisor, dividend?  See notes for more information!


Social Studies– 

Chapter 2: The Earliest Americans

Lesson 2-Ancient Indians

Ask about the “creation” stories we’ve written, typed, and illustrated!



Story:  Shiloh (fictional story, excerpt from novel)

Skill: Make inferences

Vocab: 8 words

Reading Log:  Due Friday, October 13

Science- From the desk of Mrs. Tieken:

We will finish reading the chapter on food chains and webs. This will lead us to activities that will prepare us for the chapter test this week. Remember studying nightly prevents cramping or cramming.

Questions, comments, or concerns please email me at [email protected]  or I invite you to call me at home, your child has my number in their planner.

Peace and blessings



Monday:  Music 2:00-2:45

Tuesday: PE 1:15-2:00 (bring clothes)

Wednesday: Library 12:30-1:15

Thursday: Mass 8:30-9:15, Band 9:30-10:15*,  Art 2:00-2:45

Friday:  PE 1:15-2:00 (bring clothes)