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All Middle School religion classes will have a journal due this Friday.  Journals are due every Friday unless I announce in class that we will skip a week.  8th graders are reading through the book of Acts for their journals; 7th graders are reading Matthew, and 6th graders are reading selections (listed in their binders) from Genesis.

This week’s class plans

6th Grade is currently study Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac, as part of a unit on the Early Jewish Fathers.” This unit (over the next several weeks) covers the Old Testament stories about the early Jewish Patriarchs and their families: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and his two wives and 12 sons.  Jacob’s son Joseph is eventually sold into slavery in Egypt; that story is a bridge into the next unit, “Slavery in Egypt.”  6th graders are doing a great job of reading and understanding the stories for themselves in the book of Genesis as they complete their journals each week.

7th Grade is studying the life of Christ this year, as well as His gifts to us on earth today – the Sacraments.  This week they will complete a unit about the land and customs in Palestine during the time Jesus lived there.  They are also studying some of the beliefs and traditions that Jesus Himself observed as a faithful Jew.

8th Grade continue to explore the topic, “What is Church?”  The next two chapters cover The Church as a people of prayer and as a people of service.   We will discuss the fact that the chapter on prayer comes first for a reason – everything we do must begin and end with prayer; our service is without meaning if it is not done because of our lover for God.  This week, 8th graders will also continue the video series “Altaration” to help them better understand the Mass.  Students seem to be enjoying reading the story of the early church (and the teachings and miracles of the apostles) in the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible.