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  • Mass is on Thursday
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6th Grade Science

Test on Thursday! They have had their study guides since last week!


7th Grade

Prealgebra: We are working on writing equations and inequalities and solving multi-step of both. If students are having difficulty, it is because they are not being cautious when doing computation or consistent with their process of solving.

Math: We are starting our unit on expressions, equations, and inequalities this week. We will be moving more quickly than we have been.

Thursday: We will finish up circles.

Science:  We are learning about the process of mitosis. Students will create cards to help them match the stages of division and phases of mitosis with the descriptions and diagrams of each.


8th Grade

Intro to Algebra: We are learning how to solve absolute value equations this week and will review compound inequalities. We will also begin literal equations.

Prealgebra: We will begin our unit on equations and inequalities this week.

Thursday: Volume of pyramids

Science: We are testing over our atoms and periodic table unit on Friday. Students have been working on our study guide since last week and should bring home the last part to finish on Monday night.