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Week of September 18-Septermber 22

Religion-We have been practicing using the bible. Students are learning the different books and if they are in the New or Old Testaments. We are also talking about the theme of the passages we read.

Science- We have begun highlighting our chapter and have had some activities to help us review for our assessment. Our next assessment will be next Wednesday September 27. Students will be responsible for pages 4 through 13.

Social Studies-: The students will be using the Indiana Studies Weekly for their main resource to learn about Indiana History. This week we will learn about Indiana Mammals and whether or not Indiana had dinosaurs. We will also learn about the Northwest region of our home state. The students need to study vocabulary and highlighted notes from the newspaper every evening. This will help them solve worksheets and pop quizzes.

Math: 4th Grade Math:During the next few weeks, our math class will be learning about multiplying by 1-digit numbers. We will investigate strategies for multiplying 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers by the numbers 2-9. You can expect to see homework that provides practice with multiplication by 1-digit numbers

Language Arts- We are working very hard on identifying parts of speech. Knowing the difference between nouns, verbs, and adjectives will may writing much easier when we begin paragraph writing.


Extra Extra

Here are a couple of changes you need to know about.  

  1. There are too many students serving lunch detentions. That means the education progress in our room is being interrupted too many times.   Rules and procedures should be old hat by now and behaviors improving.       Because this is not happening for some we will add a consequence that we hope will help these behaviors to stop. Beginning this week anyone earning 2 lunch detentions WILL NOT be able to participate in Friday Fun. Instead offenders will read during Friday Fun.
  2. Beginning today in addition to reading each night for 30 minutes ALL students will need to practice flashcards for 10 minutes. So, simply said, your child need 10 minutes of your time nightly to help them improve their math skills.
  • Monday: Art & Library
  • Tuesday: P.E.
  • Wednesday: Music
  • Thursday: Mass   P.E.
  • Friday: Library

Down the Road

  • Monday, October 9- Picture Retake Day
  • Monday, October 16- Friday, October 20- No School- Fall Break
  • Wednesday, October 25, Thursday October 26, and Friday, October 21- Parent Teacher Conferences