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All Middle School religion classes will have a journal due this Friday.  Journals are due every Friday unless I announce in class that we will skip a week.  8th graders are reading through the book of Acts for their journals; 7th graders are reading Matthew, and 6th graders are reading selections (listed in their binders) from Genesis.

This week’s plans

6th Grade is studying the fall of Adam and Eve, also known as Original Sin.  Students will learn that even in the book of Genesis, God promised that He would send a savior, and that the savior would be the “seed” of a woman (whom we now know would be Mary).  We will also discuss God’s infinite love and mercy in sending His own son to die so that our sins (original sin and our personal sins) can be forgiven.

7th Grade will study the life of Christ this year, as well as His gifts to us on earth today – the Sacraments.  This week we will lay a foundation for the study of Jesus’ life on earth, by learning about the Gospels (our main reference regarding the life of Christ).  Students will learn about the author and original audience for each of the Gospels, and will learn some distinguishing features for each of the Gospels.

8th Grade will continue to explore the topic, “What is Church?”  This week, we will review some of the the Jewish roots of our Catholic faith, and will also continue a discussion on the Communion of Saints (God’s people in heaven, in purgatory, and on earth).  Then we will cover several models (roles) of the church on earth:  The Church as institution, mystical communion, sacrament, herald, servant, and community.  8th graders also began a video series last week entitled “Altaration” to help them better understand the Mass.