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Hello Parents!

Weekly reading logs are due on Friday, 9/8, submitted through Google Classroom. Vocabulary quizzes will be Friday as well, and vocabulary homework is due on Wednesday this week.


  • Mass is on Thursday as usual this week, no special schedules.
  • Please remind your children of proper shorts length. We have had to give several reminders about appropriateness of dress during out of uniform days. Students will be logged for this moving forward, and Mrs. Floyd is considering no more NUT days for the middle school kids if this continues. Thanks for your help in the matter! 


6th Grade:

Rdg & LA: Continue learning and practicing skills for the 6 Traits of writing (Traits #3-5 this week) .

Skills for the week: 6 traits activities & writing prompts (voice, word choice, & sentence fluency)

6th Vocabulary: List 2 – “Antonyms”


7th Grade:

LA: Pronouns review (antecedents, personal, demonstrative, indefinite, interrogative)

7B Rdg Grp: pre-reading activities for, The Girl Who Owned a City, and hopefully begin the book by the end of the week.

Skills for week: story elements review, prob. sol. & planning, survival skills

7th Vocabulary List: Unit 3, “What’s That You Say?”



LA: Pronouns review (personal, demonstrative, relative, interrogative, indefinite)

7A/8B Rdg. Grp: pre-reading activities for, The Outsiders, and hopefully begin book by the end of the week.

8A Rdg. Grp: pre-reading activities for, Code Orange, and hopefully begin book by the end of the week.

Skills for the week: story elements review, foreshadowing, allusion

8th Vocabulary List: Unit 18, “All in the Family”