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The Lion Cubs are really getting used to the rhythm of the school day.  They are doing well with the schedule of playtime, snack time, circle time, centers, recess, lunch, nap time and playtime!  They are learning their friends’ names and playing together with them.  Sometimes we play a game called “roll the ball” and they roll the ball to a friend and try to remember their name!

We had a fun week this week with talking about farm animals and farms.  We sang “Old MacDonald” and acted out different animals.  We made a cow craft and a little farm picture with stickers.  The children need this fine motor skills practice of picking up the stickers and placing them on their papers.  We also scrubbed plastic vegetables in our little dishpans.  They love anything with water involved!

We read the story of Abraham from our children’s Bible and talked about how he listened to God and trusted him.  Our Bible verse was, “Children, obey your parents.”  Colossians 3:20.  We talked about the meaning of the word “obey”.  They can tell you it means to listen to their parents.  We added “and do what they say”!

Next week we will talk about community helpers–this would include policemen (and women), firefighters, nurses, doctors, mail delivery, teachers :), etc.  We will be making little helpers puppets.

Monday, Sept. 4 is Labor Day and there will be no school that day. The St. Rose Parish Festival is next weekend-Sept. 8/9.  Please read the School and Church Newsletters for more information!  Come and enjoy some fun with your little ones.  There will be food and games for all.

There is a P.R.I.D.E. meeting next week on Wed. Sept. 6 at 6:30 p.m.  It is a social and a meeting.  Come and meet our St. Rose Parents Organization and see how you can be involved in your child’s school.

One more item to be aware of–we really need your child’s name on his/her jackets and sweaters and coats, etc.  The cooler weather will be coming and they should always bring a jacket to school in their backpack even if they don’t think they need it in the morning.  We will be going out to recess year-round unless it is raining or below 32 degrees

If you ever have any questions about how your child is doing, don’t hesitate to email me.  My school email is [email protected]

Have a wonderful three day weekend!

Mrs. Langferman and Mrs. Richards