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As you already know Hurricane Harvey has wrecked Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.  The 5th grade class felt compelled to provide relief to the victims, especially for the ones we know personally that have been affected.   As a class, we researched information about hurricanes in general, as well as the impact Harvey has had on the great state of Texas.  Below is a link to our Google Slides presentation that we invite you to view.  Each teacher and class at St. Rose has or will be viewing the presentation in the 5th grade room.

Here’s how you can help:   At next Thursday’s (9/7) all-school mass, there will be a special collection for the hurricane victims, specifically the extended family members of Ben and Katie Slade, who are 5th and 8th graders at SRS.   If you are able, please send in your donation on Thursday morning to drop in the collection basket.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and generosity!

Much love and prayers,

Ms. Hammond and the entire 5th grade class


Hurricane Harvey Project

*note:  Upon opening the presentation, VIEW it by hitting Ctrl F5