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  • Mass is on Thursday
  • Spirit Day Friday-Students must wear St. Rose colors or St. Rose shirts
  • Student Council speeches and elections Friday
  • Please remind your children of proper shorts length. We have had to give several reminders about appropriateness of dress during out of uniform days. Students will be logged for this moving forward, and Mrs. Floyd is considering no more NUT days for the middle school kids if this continues. Thanks for your help in the matter! 


6th Grade Science

We are finishing up density early in the week and will hopefully be able to do hands on activities with volume and density. We should also start looking at the properties of the states of matter.


7th Grade


Prealgebra: Working with rational number computation

Math: We will review the test we took last Friday and learn how to find the square roots of numbers, approximate square roots, and classify numbers as rational or irrational numbers.

Thursday: We will review area of triangles and parallelograms from last week and will introduce/review area of trapezoids.

Science: We have a quiz over the structure of animal and plant cells on Wednesday. Students must be able to label the diagrams. On Friday, they will quiz over the functions of each cell part. Students have blank diagrams and function tables, as well as a bag of “cell parts” and “functions” to label the blank diagrams and tables in order to study. We are currently completing a mini project in class.


8th Grade

Intro to Algebra: We are simplifying radicals by rationalizing the denominator and then reviewing for a quiz on Friday. Study guides are due on Wednesday. Our next unit will be on solving equations and inequalities.

Prealgebra: We are finishing up exponent properties this week and will begin looking at scientific notation.

Thursday: We will review solid figures and look at cross sections of the figures.

Science: We are looking at the groups on the periodic table and characteristics of metals, nonmetals, and metalloids. Students will have a quiz on Tuesday over Element List 1. Element List 2 will be quizzed over next week on Thursday.