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Dolphin             3rd Grade  Weekly Wave

RELIGION    We will start Chapter 2 this week in our books.  We will be talking about the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.  We will talk about how there are many gifts for one Church.  We will also talk about what it means to be a disciple of God.   

**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on mass days!   Mass Uniforms are  the plaid skirt or jumper
(NO PANTS) with a white shirt for the girls.  The boys uniforms are  blue pants and white shirt.   

ONLY MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS are allowed to wear pants for Mass all year!  The lower grade will be allowed during the winter months.

 SPELLING –   This week our words wil have Long /a/ sounds (fail, bay, great).  Be sure to see the list of words in the link below.  

 week 1-3

READING  Our story this week is “Whose Habitat Is It?” We will look at vocabulary, main idea and supporting details, and using a dictionary.  

GRAMMAR /VOCAB. – We didn’t get to our Vocabulary books last week, so we will hopefully get to them this week! In Grammar, we will work on subjects of sentences! We will continue to work on writing and naming the four different types of sentences. 

MATH   We will be continuing with addition and subtraction this week.  We hope to finish up the chapter by the end of the week, and have a test on the Wednesday after Labor Day.  

Please work on simple math facts at home.  Right now our focus will be on addition and subtraction.  We will soon be talking about multiplication and division as well!

SCIENCE –  We will finish up our chapter this week on plants.  I would like to have a test on Wednesday or Thursday, so keep a watch on daily emails! 

SOCIAL STUDIES –   We will start on Chapter 1 towards the end of the week.  In the first chapter we will talk about how our Community.  We will look at how people live in a community, the many jobs in a community, and how people get along in a community.  We will also look at reading graphs, and solving problems.  

Friday, Sept. 1 – SPIRIT DAY!  Wear your blue and gold!
Monday, Sept. 4 – LABOR DAY!  No school! Enjoy the day off!

**SCHOOL/HOME WORK – We have been in school a little over two weeks now, and for the most part the students are doing a great job of completing and turning in their work.  However, I have a few missing assignments from a few students.  They usually tell me their parents took it out of their folder and they left it at home :).    If you notice in their Assignment Notebooks that they are missing an assignment, please be sure to ask them about it or check with me for clarification.  I am going to work this week to make sure everyone is caught up on all assignments.

**JUPITER GRADES – I have entered the first few grades in the Jupiter system.  There are not too many, and not all the subjects have grades yet.  Please let me know if you ever see a grade that concerns you or doesn’t seem right.  I am human, and sometimes make a mistake in entering the numbers.  If you send me an email, come and see me, or have your child ask me about it, I will double check my work or let you know what the problem is regarding the grade.  Again, just ask if you have a question!

DISCIPLINE POLICY – I am using a new system this year for behavior and discipline.  I will be explaining more this Thursday at Back to School Night.  But for now…be sure to ask your child about the “Golden Tickets” and how many they can earn each day!  There is a number circled in their assignment notebook starting today!  Be sure to look at that number!  Remember…you want to see a 5!!

**PE NOTE – We will be changing clothes for PE on Thursday and Friday each week.  Please be sure students have shorts and a shirt along with the appropriate shoes for PE.

**Please be sure to read the ROAR! for more St. Rose School Information! 

Monday  –  STEEP TESTS and PE

Tuesday  – MUSIC  

Wednesday  – LIBRARY 

Thursday  – MASS and PE

Friday – ART and SPIRIT DAY