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The Lion Cubs had a good week exploring our five senses!  We made books about popcorn and they were able to describe the sound, smell, sight, touch and taste of it!   We also smelled cinnamon, basil, sage and lavender.  They really liked the cinnamon!  We also played with a  box of items that feel different–soft, bumpy, scratchy, etc.  Oh, and Mrs. Richards brought in  a sensory table for us to play with beans.

Our Bible Story was Noah’s ark.  Our Bible verse was, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.”  Proverbs 3:5.  See if they can finish the verse if you start saying it!

On Thursday during our class time we practiced what we do during a fire drill.  The school has fire drills once a month (usually at the end of the month), so I expect there will be a school-wide drill next week.   If you can talk to your child about this, it may be helpful.  Just let them know that we are going to keep them safe, but they need to line up and walk quickly and quietly out of the main doors of the school in our line.  Then we walk all the way across the parking lot towards the picnic shelter.

Just a note about bringing in things from home:   We do not need blankets or pillows for rest time.  Due to health concerns, we really are not supposed to have these in our classroom.  Therefore, if you have a blanket in your child’s bookbag, it is not really necessary and you can leave that at home.  We are allowing small stuffed animals at this time, since that may make these little ones more comfortable.  Just a word of warning, however:  if there is ever a case of lice (there have been none so far this year), we will try to let you know immediately and all of these items will  have to be banned.  Sorry, that’s just the reality!!

Also, you do not need to send in individual snacks for your child.  They should either order hot lunch or bring in a lunchbox.  We provide the morning snack (thanks to your generosity) and there really isn’t a need for any other snacks if they eat their lunch.

Next week our theme is “Farm Animals and Pets”.  We will talk about the animals and the sounds they make.  We will talk about what farmers do and how they help provide food for us.  We will continue with learning about our colors and next week we will talk about yellow.   Our Bible story will be about Abraham.  We also work with numbers every day when we do calendar and centers.

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for sharing your children with us!

Mrs. Langferman and Mrs. Richards