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Reminder: We have Mass on Wednesday but not Thursday this week. Picture Day is on Friday. Students should dress appropriately. Shorts should be fingertip length.

6th Science: We are learning how to find mass and volume this week using lab activities.

7th Science: We are learning about the structure and function of the cell and organelles this week. Students will test over the structure of the animal and plant cell next Wednesday (next week) and the function of the organelles on Friday of next week.

8th Science: We are learning about the periodic table this week and how to use it. Students received two lists of elements to study the chemical symbols of today. They will quiz over list 1 next Tuesday.


7th Grade Math: Students will quiz on Friday over integer computation.

7th Grade Prealgebra: We are reviewing rational and irrational numbers. We will work with rational number computation this week.

8th Grade Prealgebra: Students will work with exponent properties this week. They will use the product and quotient properties, as well as work with negative exponents.

8th Grade Advanced/Intro to Algebra: Students will simplify radicals, as well as add, subtract and multiply them.


The goal is to have all 7th and 8th graders take the STAR Math benchmark test this week or early next week.