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RELIGION    We will continue with chapter 1 this week in our Religion Books.  We will be talking about how the Holy Spirit guides us. We will be talking about St. Paul and the Communion of Saints.
This week we will ONLY have Mass on Wednesday.  3rd Grade will be doing the mass parts.  Please watch for reading parts to practice at home!  We will be celebrating the Feast of St. Rose!  Join us if you can!   

**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on mass days!   Mass Uniforms are  the plaid skirt or jumper
(NO PANTS) with a white shirt for the girls.  The boys uniforms are  blue pants and white shirt.   

ONLY MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS are allowed to wear pants for Mass all year!  The lower grade will be allowed during the winter months.

 SPELLING –   Our words this week have long vowel sounds.  We will take our pretest on Wednesday and our final test will be Friday, if the student did not get a 100% on the Wednesday test.  The first three weeks of spelling words can be found in the link below.  Please see the link for a list of the words.

 week 1-3

READING  This week we will read “Dear Juno.”  We will be talking about story elements such as characters, setting, and plot.  We will also we will fill out character webs and learn about time lines.  We will also look at some new vocabulary words. 

GRAMMAR /VOCAB. – We will talk about commands and exclamations, along with continuing to look at statements and questions from last week. I am also planning on starting on our vocabulary books this week. This will mostly be completed in class, but wanted you to know what we are doing.

MATH   We will start talking about addition this week along with continuing to review number patterns, place value, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, and how to write numbers in word form, standard form, and expanded form, and rounding numbers. 

Please work on simple math facts at home.  Right now our focus will be on addition and subtraction.  We will soon be talking about multiplication and division as well!

SCIENCE –  We are going to start the year by talking about plants and animals.  We will be looking at plants and how living things are alike.  We will also look at the needs of plants and the life cycle of a plant.

SOCIAL STUDIES –   We will focus on Science for the first few weeks.


Wednesday, Aug. 23 – MASS DAY!  Feast of St. Rose!
Friday – Aug. 25 – School Picture Day
Friday – Aug. 25 –
I will be leaving at lunch time on Friday this week.  I will be going over a few things with the kids about my expections for them with a substitute!

**DISCIPLINE POLICY – I am using a new system this year for behavior and discipline.  I will be explaining more this Thursday at Back to School Night.  But for now…be sure to ask your child about the “Golden Tickets” and how many they can earn each day!  There is a number circled in their assignment notebook starting today!  Be sure to look at that number!  Remember…you want to see a 5!!

**PE NOTE – We will be changing clothes for PE on Thursday and Friday each week.  Please be sure students have shorts and a shirt along with the appropriate shoes for PE.

**Please be sure to read the ROAR! for more St. Rose School Information! 

Monday  –  PE 

Tuesday  –   MUSIC  

Wednesday  –    MASS and LIBRARY 

Thursday  – PE

Friday – ART and PE