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RELIGION    We will finish up Chapter 15 this week.  I am hoping for a test on Tuesday over Chapter 14 & 15.  We would like to complete one more chapter before we end the school year!

**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on mass days!  Now that we are past Spring Break, the Mass Uniform is back to being the plaid skirt or jumper
(NO PANTS) with a white shirt for the girls.  Boys is still blue pants and white shirt.   Girls may still wear tights under their skirts or jumper, but leggings will need to be taken off, as they are not part of the school uniform. 

 SPELLING –   Our words this week have accented syllables.  We will have our tests on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY this week due to Field Day on Friday!


READING   Our last story is “Home Grown Butterflies.”  We will work on drawing conclusions, personification, multiple-meaning words, and vocabulary.  Our test will be THURSDAY due to Field Day on Friday!  We will have one more story to read next week…but it is something a little different!  Watch for details on Thursday!  🙂

GRAMMAR /VOCAB. – In Grammar we will work on combining sentences with adverbs.  We will also work on Lesson 18 in our Vocabulary book.

MATH   We are continuing with long division.  This week we will tackle division with remainders!  We need to keep working on those multiplication facts as well!   

 Please keep working on addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts at home!  The more practice the better!  🙂

SCIENCE –  We are going to stick with science and talk about planets, the sun, and our solar system in the next chapter.

SOCIAL STUDIES   STATE REPORTS are due this TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY!!  Let me know if you have any questions or need help finding some information!   


Shhhh!!  IT’S A SURPRISE! – Please see below for information about a celebration for Mrs. Adams retirement!

Thank you, Mrs. Adams!

DINKEL’S POND – Information went home last week!  Please return the BLUE Permission slip as soon as possible!   !  Please be sure to KEEP the info page and return the permission slip.  There is no cost to this trip and everyone is welcome to come.  I would ask that you do not plan on bring younger siblings to this field trip.  With water being the main attraction, I will need all eyes and attention on the 3rd graders.  Thank you in advance for understanding.
Let me know if you have any questions!  I will be giving the class more info about what to bring for clothes, fun, and safety next week!  I want it to be fresh in their minds! 🙂

Tuesday, May 16/Wednesday, May 17 – State Reports Due! 
Friday, May 19 – FIELD DAY – If you would like to help, please contact the office!
Tuesday, May 30 – DINKEL’S POND
– Information will come home last week!
Wednesday, May 31 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

TARDIES –  It is very important for the kids to be at school on time each day.  When the kids come in late, they miss an important time in the classroom.  My mornings are set up for some “new day socializing”. This is chance for the kids to chat and get caught up from the day before.  It is also a time of early morning directions on how the day is going to go, what to do for morning work, and our daily prayer circle. If they are late on Fridays, they are missing the same thing in Art class, since we have Art first thing at 8am. When they are late, they seem to be more frazzled because they are trying to get caught up and figure out what is going on in the classroom.  I know some mornings can be rough, but please try to have the students to school by 8am when the tardy bell rings.

**PE NOTE – Hopefully we are on the upswing of warmer weather, so students do not need to have long pants to wear after PE for dismissal!  YAY for warmer weather!

**Please be sure to read the ROAR! for more St. Rose School Information! 

Monday  –  PE 

Tuesday  –  MUSIC  

Wednesday  –    LIBRARY and STEEP Test

Thursday  – MASS and PE

Friday  FIELD DAY!!