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Counting down the days till the end of school, aren’t we?  But there is still a lot of class time before the end, and still a lot of learning we hope to cover!  Here are the class plans for this week:

6th graders will finish Israel’s period of “Exile in Babylon” this week, and may even have time to move into the “Return from Exile” period.  The plan is to introduce the students to the final historical period of the Old Testament before the year ends, too – the Maccabean Revolt.  It is especially important because it is not covered in the Protestant Bible (which is missing the books of 1 Maccabees and 2 Maccabees).  For that reason it is often left out of Old Testament  history.  I want to be sure the students are aware of the exciting story of this last recorded period before New Testament history begins with Jesus!  It has been a very ambitious year for the 6th graders; by the end of the year they will have covered the entire Old Testament history – but they have definitely risen to the challenge.

7th graders will continue learning about the Holy Spirit, in the Bible, in the Church today, and in our own lives.  We are also hoping to make homemade Communion hosts this Wednesday afternoon, but we will need to have a student bring in one more rolling pin for that project!

8th graders, in their ongoing study of Church history, have just completed a unit on the founding of the first Protestant churches – the Lutheran Church and the Church of England (Anglican Church).  The period ushered in by Martin Luther’s protest of Catholicism is often referred to as the “Reformation,” but that term is  not really accurate because Luther’s followers did not reform the Catholic Church; they left it.  This week, we will begin studying what is known as the Catholic Reformation,  and the Council of Trent.  During this period some erroneous practices that had begun in the Catholic Church were eliminated, and the Church began to clarify how things should be done within the universal church.