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Oh my, is it really May already?  Incredible.  Don’t forget the May Crowning this Friday, May 5 (at the 10:00 VIP Mass).  8th graders will crown Mary at the beginning of the Mass; other students will each bring a fresh flower to place around the statue of Mary.

Here are the plans for this week:

6th Grade:  6th Graders are doing a very quick introduction to the prophets who wrote and spoke around the time when the Kingdom of Israel divided into Israel and Judah.  All of the 6th graders should now be able to explain (in just one word!) what the main message of ALL the prophets was – please ask your student!  Last week we especially emphasized the lives and messages of Elijah, Elisha, and Amos; this week we will emphasize Jeremiah and Isaiah – but unfortunately we will have to leave out more of the prophets than we will study.  They will just get a little taste of the prophets!  After that, we will move on to the historical period of “The Exile,” when the southern kingdom of Judah is captured and taken into exile in Babylon, while the kingdom of Israel in the north is conquered by Assyria and assimilated into its culture.

7th Grade:  We have now worked our way through Jesus’ life on earth and His passion, death, and resurrection.  This week we will move on to the descent of the Holy Spirit on the first Pentecost, and we will also discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church throughout history and today.  Because we studied the Eucharist a couple of weeks ago, we are also planning to make homemade Communion hosts soon.  However, we cannot do this until a few of the students bring in a non-breakable rolling pin marked with their names.  Thanks!

8th Grade: Welcome back to the 8th graders who will return to school on Tuesday after their trip to DC!  We hope it was an enjoyable, educational, and holy time for them.  Back in class, we spent some time studying he Great Western Schism and the black plague wiped last week; this week we move on to Martin Luther, King Henry VIII, and the beginning of the Protestant churches.  8th graders will also practice this week for the May Crowning, as they will be doing the honors this year.