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May 1, 2017

May your Easter Season be blessed!

Religion- We will be talking about what comes after the Resurrection. We are planning Mass this Thursday May 4th .   Parts for this week will come home tomorrow.

Science: New chapter…Clouds, wind and storms. We began reading and highlighting today.   Next week we will be back to normal, whatever that looks like. Our assessment will be on Tuesday May 9th.

Language Arts:   We have begun our Famous Hoosier Project. Everyone’s first paragraph should be complete. Trademarks and the quilt are complete. Thank you MRS. Horton! The quilt will be raffled off at the dinner auction. There have bees some modifications to this project, so ask your student to share the latest update.   Next step visual aides. These are to be completed at home and the completed project is due Friday May 12th.

Social Studies-Our newspaper this week will take us to fun places in Indiana. Some of these places are our states best kept secrets. We will have in class activities to instead of an assessment at this time.

4th Grade Math: 4th Grade Math: We have finished our chapter on all things Circles! Students will not be assessed on this information, will have several assignments entered in the gradebook.   We will move on to Congruence, Symmetry and Transformations!

Please remember we have a zero tolerance procedure set in place when work is not completed and turned in on time. You can review this in the email I sent or call me, 317-787-0371 with questions, comments, or concerns.

As you know we have Science and Social Studies books we can write in.   Because we continuously have students losing their booklets and require a second and sometimes a third copy, I will be charging for the new copies. I will charge 10 cents a page, this booklet is 6 pages so a new one will cost 60 cents. So if your student loses their Weather and Climate booklet they will not receive another copy until the 60 cents has been paid. The social studies newspapers cost $ 5.95 per newspaper so to replace those it will cost $5.95 cents before I will give them a new copy also. Please call me, 317-787-0371 with questions, comments, or concerns.

I also need to remind you I seldom check my email in the evening.   So, the best way to get a hold of me unless it can wait until the next day is 317-787-0371.

 Upcoming Events

Be sure to mark your calendars for some important dates that are quickly approaching (more information to come soon):  May 5/Very Important Person Day (St. Rose’s version of Grandparent’s Day), May 13th/St. Rose Dinner Auction, May 19th/Field Day, May 24th/Kindergarten Program at 6:30 p.m.,  May 25th/8th grade Graduation at 7 p.m. and Last day of school/May 31st.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for this year’s Dinner Auction on May 13.  This night is always A LOT of fun!

To help us all get in the Wild West spirit for the dinner auction, we are having a Wild West NUT day! For a donation to the dinner auction or 2 sold raffle tickets, your child can come dressed as a Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy or Cowgirl this Wednesday.

*Be sure to sell, sell, sell those raffle tickets for the dinner auction.  There are a lot of great raffle items for great prices.

*If you are able to help at the upcoming dinner auction in May, please be sure to check out the Sign Up Genius’.  If you have questions, please contact Pride at [email protected].


Help!!! We are starting our collection early so that we can help the Dinner Auction. End of Year Out-of-Uniform Deal How would you like to be out of uniform the last week of school???? Here is the deal: Bring in a case of soda for the Dinner Auction/Parish Festival (one per family). Below are the suggested flavors: Preschool – Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi Kindergarten – Coke/Pepsi 1 st grade – Coke/Pepsi 2 nd grade – Root Beer (not diet) 3 rd grade – Mountain Dew 4 th grade – Fanta Orange or Grape Soda (not diet) 5 th grade—8th Grade—Bottled water

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website (and Google calendar on the front of the site) frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.  There always seems to be so much going on these last 2 months!


*Thanks to all who have signed up to help on field day in May!  We couldn’t do it without you!

*Thanks for the field day T-shirt order forms and money!

*Thanks to all who are selling raffle tickets to help support the upcoming dinner auction!

*Thanks for all you do!