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The Lion Cubs have been preparing for Easter by making “stained glass” crosses (actually tissue paper ones), bunnies, and hearing the Easter story.  We also played egg shakers in music class on Wednesday.  Then I hid the egg shakers and we had a little egg hunt in the classroom.

We have been working on the letter L this week.  Our craft was a “lollipop” make out of a small paper plate and a popsicle stick. Next week we will be working on the letter Mm.

School will be dismissed tomorrow (Good Friday) at 1 p.m.  Please pick up your preschooler at the main doors as usual.  The other children will be dismissed from church, where the 8th graders will be presenting “Mary’s Way of the Cross”.  The Way of the Cross will begin at 12:15.   You are more than welcome to join us!  There will be no extended care on Friday, April 14 (tomorrow).  There will be no school on Monday, April 17.  See you next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday!

Have a blessed Easter!

Mrs. Langferman