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April 10, 2017

May your Holy Week be blessed!


Religion- this week we will study Holy Week. We will build a Holy Week tableau to help us visualize Jesus’ last week before he did and rose to save us all.             HOSANNA!


Science: New chapter…Clouds, wind and storms. We began reading and highlighting today.   Our next assessment will be later next week.

Language Arts: More informational text. This week’s topics Dandruff. We will also learn how to cite resources for research.   We have begun our Famous Hoosier Project. Everyone needs their second resource vehicle Wednesday April 12.

Social Studies-Our newspaper this week will take us to fun places in Indiana. Some of these places are our states best kept secrets. We should be ready for our assessment Tuesday after Easter.

4th Grade Math: 4th Grade Math: Chapter 16 Plane Figures   Students will be able to name and describe points, line segments, and lines.   We will identify parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines. Eventually we will get to rays and angles.




Please remember we have a zero tolerance procedure set in place when work is not completed and turned in on time. You can review this in the email I sent or call me, 317-787-0371 with questions, comments, or concerns.

As you know we have Science and Social Studies books we can write in.   Because we continuously have students losing their booklets and require a second and sometimes a third copy, I will be charging for the new copies. I will charge 10 cents a page, this booklet is 6 pages so a new one will cost 60 cents. So if your student loses their Weather and Climate booklet they will not receive another copy until the 60 cents has been paid. The social studies newspapers cost $ 5.95 per newspaper so to replace those it will cost $5.95 cents before I will give them a new copy also. Please call me, 317-787-0371 with questions, comments, or concerns.

I also need to remind you I seldom check my email in the evening.   So, the best way to get a hold of me unless it can wait until the next day is 317-787-0371.


Upcoming events

4/13 Holy Thursday…There is only one Mass on Holy Thursday so the morning session will be a prayer service that includes washing of the feet.

4/14 Good Friday…We will dismiss at 1:00. There is no extended care

4/17 Easter Monday…We have no school

4/18 N.U.T. day…Children may come out of uniform for a donation of a dollar. The money will help offset the expenses of the eighth grade trip.   Please remember no sandals are allowed.

ISTEP is looming near please check the Google calendar before making any appointments. The least amount of make ups we have to do, the better off we are.