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Our 8th Graders are putting the final touches on their beautiful presentation of Mary’s Way of the Cross.  This Friday, starting at 12:15, they will act out the traditional 14 Stations of the Cross.  They will portray Jesus as He accepted the cross, carried it to Calvary, and was crucified on the first Good Friday.  If at all possible, join us in the church at 12:15 Friday for this moving dramatization of Jesus’ passion, told from Mary’s point of view.

Have a most beautiful and Blessed Holy Week and Easter!  Special congratulations to Kaden, Kaleb, and Tressen, who will become Catholic and receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil on Saturday night.  Please pray for them and for all those around the world who will be coming into the Church on that day.

6th Graders continue their Old Testament study.  They will have a test on the historical period of Judges on Tuesday, and will begin the period of Israel’s United Kingdom.  In this period the Israelites demand a king, and are ruled by a series of kings – first Saul, then David, then Solomon.  After that we will see how the kingdom split following Solomon’s death…but now I’m getting into next week’s story!

7th Graders just completed a chapter on miraculous gift that Jesus gives us in the Eucharist (Holy Communion) – His own Body and Blood.  After Easter, as a wrap-up to that chapter, the students will work together to make homemade Communion hosts that will be used at one of the school Masses.  For this week, God’s timing is perfect!  I couldn’t have planned this if I tried, but we are just ready for a chapter about Jesus’ final days on earth – His “trial” and death on the cross – just as Holy Week begins.  Deo Gratias.