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 palm Sunday

It’s hard to believe this Sunday is already Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, in which we remember Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem days before he was crucified.  Today we read and talked about Palm Sunday.  I also introduced the children to our Resurrection Eggs which we will be opening every day during Holy Week to help us learn about the story of Easter.  We will also continue following our Lenten paths and doing our daily Lenten activities next week .  On Holy Thursday we will gather in the church at 8:30 for a prayer service and “washing of the feet” with Fr. Steve (all are welcome).  On Good Friday we will once again gather over in church for “Mary’s Way of the Cross” at 12:15.  Our 8th grade buddies have been working very hard in preparation for their Good Friday presentation of “Mary’s Way of the Cross,” a dramatization of Jesus’ carrying of the cross and crucifixion as seen from Mary’s perspective.  You are welcome to join us in church next Friday if you are available.  This presentation is my favorite part of Holy Week at St. Rose School.  Our 8th grade students always do such a beautiful job!  We hope you can join us.  We will dismiss at 1:00 and there will be NO EXTENDED CARE.

crazy chicken lady


In case you haven’t heard, we will begin incubating our fertilized chicken eggs next Tuesday afternoon.  Mr. Boring will pick them up for us at Purdue University next Tuesday morning and we will put them in the incubator when he returns to Franklin.  Look for more information to come home on Monday.  We’ll keep you posted over the next few weeks as well!  The excitement is mounting! 🙂

Upcoming Author Visit:

On April 25th, Kimberly Hoffman, local children’s author, will be visiting our school.  She will be reading her new book, Emma’s Dancing Day to our KB-3rd grade classes, and presenting a program to your children.  As part of her visit, she will be offering copies of her book for sale ($13), which the children may have signed by her.  How exiting to have a copy of a book signed by the author!  If you are planning on ordering a book for your child, please be sure you return the order form that was sent home on Monday by April 19th so she can have all of the books signed and ready to go when she visits us.  Thanks for your support!  The children are looking forward to getting to meet an author!


*4/7  Knights of Columbus Fish Fry @ 4:30

*4/8  Mass at 4:30  (All are welcome!)

*4/9  Mass at 8:00 & 11:00/Palm Sunday (All are welcome; mass begins in the PLC)

*4/10 PRIDE NUT day for students whose parents attended the PRIDE meeting on Tuesday evening.

*4/13  Holy Thursday Prayer Service for students/Washing of the feet @ 8:30 (All are welcome!);  Holy Thursday Service @ 6:30 p.m.

*4/14  Good Friday/Mary’s Way of the Cross Presentation @ 12:15 (All are welcome!);  Good Friday Mass at 6:30 p.m.  Early dismissal at 1:00 and NO Extended Care.



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*4/19  Order forms and money due for our upcoming Author’s visit.

*4/21  Order forms and money due for field day shirts.

*If you are finished with a PLASTIC peanut butter or jelly container, please send it in with your child.  We are collecting these for our Kindergarten program.  You’ll see what they are for when the time comes.  🙂  Please be sure the containers are plastic, clean and with the label still on it (if possible).

*Library books are due every Friday.

*Now that winter is over, the girls are to wear their uniform skirts or jumpers on mass days.

*I only had a chance to check a few March/April goal sheets this week.  I will be assessing more next week.  If your child does not complete all of their goals the 1st time I assess them, I will send home a “goal sheet update form” so you know what goals they still need to work on.  This goal sheet takes a while to assess so please be patient with me as I assess the children one on one.  Next week is a very busy week with all of the Holy Week activities going on, plus the arrival of our eggs.

*Please be sure you are going over the papers in your child’s Friday folder each week.  As the weather gets nicer and the excitement builds that summer is on the way, the children tend to get a little more distracted and begin to make “silly mistakes” or their work isn’t as neat as it can be.  Your gentle reminders and words of encouragement are very helpful, especially this time of year.  Attentive listening can also be a challenge this time of year.  Thanks for your help and support at home!  It is greatly appreciated!

*Be sure to mark your calendars for some important dates that are quickly approaching (more information to come soon):  May 5/Very Important Person Day (St. Rose’s version of Grandparent’s Day), May 13th/St. Rose Dinner Auction, May 19th/Field Day, May 24th/Kindergarten Program at 6:30 p.m.,  May 25th/8th grade buddies Graduation at 7 p.m. and Last day of school/May 31st.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thanks for all of the donations that were sent in for this week’s “crazy hair” NUT day to support KIC-IT!

*Thanks for the book orders and money that have been sent in this week for our upcoming Author’s visit.

*Thanks for your help with our daily snacks!  Due to your generosity, we will not need an April snack calendar!

*Thanks for all you do!



…the sound for “J” and some words that begin with the “J” sound.

…Palm Sunday.

…opening our first 3 Resurrection Eggs.

…”The Praying Hands.”

…life cycle of a butterfly.

…the “big” word we learned for the change a caterpillar goes through (metamorphosis).

…this month’s Fruit of the Spirit (kindness) and ways “I’ve” been trying to do this.

…working on addition and subtraction during centers.

…Spirit Day activity.

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂