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Welcome back! I hope your #SB2017 was one for the books!  From the looks and sounds of it, your student enjoyed the time off.

Can you believe there are only about 8 weeks left of school!?   Please “help me help you” keep your  child focused for the remaining quarter.  I know how spring-fever hits and it can be tricky.  Just an extra pep talk in the morning before drop off can be a huge help!

ISTEP testing, yes, again, is just around the corner.  Students will take their tests on our Chromebooks!  Watch follow-up blogs for more information as time draws near.

Dates to Know:

4/6 Mass lead by 5th grade; visit from Johnson Co. Soil and Water District

4/14 Good Friday; early dismissal at 1:30

4/16 Happy Easter!

4/17 No School; Easter Monday

4/18 County Spelling Bee

*Check the Google Calendar on the front page of our school’s website!


Chapter 13 God Saves Us

This fits perfectly with our Lenten study.  We will learn that God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us from sin and death.

“Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation.” Psalm 25:5

Perhaps you’d like to do some extra credit at home?  Ask about Family Time in our textbook!


Chapter 15 Plane Figures and Geometric Concepts

Students will be able to identify basic geometric figures and their parts

Classify angles and triangles


Social Studies– 


Chapter 10 The Constitution

We wrapped up our unit on the Revolutionary War, now we will see how the Confederacy will run as a government. Students will have Google Docs for notes, and can be accessed from home at anytime.

Reading- Fictional Story

Story: Carlos and the Skunk

Skill: Author’s Purpose

Vocab. Words : 8 from the story

Vocab. for Achievement: Lesson 15 Usual and Unusual ; quiz on Friday

Spelling: list of 20 words, students have both electronic copy and hard copy; test on Friday


Science- From the desk of Mrs. Tieken:

We are beginning a chapter on Force and Motion.  We have created and practice vocabulary cards.  Our vocabulary assessment will be Thursday April 6.  Please help your student study.

Questions, comments, or concerns please email me at [email protected]  or I invite you to call me at home, your child has my number in their planner.

Peace and blessings



Monday:  Computer Lab 11:00-11:45; Music 2:00-2:45

Tuesday: PE 1:15-2:00

Wednesday: Library 12:30-1:15

Thursday: Mass 8:30-9:15, Art 2:00-2:45

Friday:  Band 10:15-11, PE 1:15-2:00