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Welcome Back!  Hope everybody had a wonderful, relaxing spring break and returns rested and ready to head down the home stretch!!

6th Graders continue their Old Testament study.  We have now arrived at the historical period of Judges (and the Biblical book of the same title).  In this period before the Israelites demanded a king, they were ruled by God Himself as their King.  Several times throughout the book of Judges, the people sinned by worshipping something other than God, and as a result God allowed their enemies to oppress or enslave them.  Eventually they always repented and cried out to God, who always sent a holy military leader (referred to as a “Judge”) to free them from this oppression.  This cycle (called the “Sin Cycle” by Bible scholars) is repeated 7 times in the book of Judges.  Each cycle ends with, “…and there was peace in the land…” until the next time the people make something else more important than God, and the cycle starts over.  Students will also discuss how we sometimes live out the same cycle in our own lives.

7th Graders continue to alternate between the life of Jesus and the gifts He has given us in the Sacraments.  This week’s chapter is on the miraculous gift that Jesus gives us in the Eucharist (Holy Communion) – His own Body and Blood.  Perfect timing!  In this week before Holy Week, we will emphasize the Last Supper (commemorated on Holy Thursday).  We will also focus on the importance and wonder of the Mass itself.

8th Graders will spend almost all of their time in Religion class in the next two weeks preparing for Mary’s Way of the Cross.  It will be truly moving and beautiful.  If at all possible, join us on Good Friday, April 14!