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April 3, 2017

Religion- this week we will study the Sacraments of Healing and Service. Ask your student for further information about those subjects.


Science: New chapter…Clouds, wind and storms.   Vocabulary assessment Thursday, April 6.

Language Arts: More informational text. This week’s topics Dandruff. We will also learn how to cite resources for research.   We have begun our Famous Hoosier Project. Everyone needs at least one resource vehicle Thursday April 6.

Social Studies-Our newspaper this week will take us to fun places in Indiana. Some of these places are our states best kept secrets. We should be ready for our assessment Tuesday after Easter.

4th Grade Math: Chapter 23 Probability: Students will be able to describe certain events as likely or unlikely and discuss the degree of likelihood using such words as certain, equally likely, and impossible. Next, we will write probability as fractions and   use an organized list to solve a problem.



Please remember we have a zero tolerance procedure set in place when work is not completed and turned in on time. You can review this in the email I sent or call me, 317-787-0371 with questions, comments, or concerns.


Upcoming events


4/5 Crazy Hair out of uniform day. Ask your student for details.

4/7 Spirit Day

4/7 Kof C Fish Fry

4/14 Good Friday early release

4/17 Easter  Monday no school