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RELIGION    We are moving on to Chapter 12 this week.  We will talk about how we pray for all people.  We will talk about Pentecost and we will read about St. Dominic de Guzman, a man of prayer. We will also talk about one of the greatest devotions to Mary, the Rosary.  We will finish up our chapter this week, but there will not be a test.  We will have Mass on Thursday and do the Stations of the Cross either on Wednesday or Thursday.

 This week we will also continue with our Lenten Activities.  

**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on mass days!  This is blue pants and white shirts for the boys.  Plaid skirt or jumper with a white shirt for the girls! Girls may wear tights under their skirts or jumper, but leggings will need to be taken off, as they are not part of the school uniform. Girls can wear pants until after we return from Spring Break. Then they must wear skirts or jumpers.

 SPELLING – We will not have a spelling list or test this week.

READING  We finished up our “Charlotte’s Web” book last week.  This week we will do a few concluding activities and watch the movie!  

GRAMMAR /VOCAB. – No Grammar, but we will be working on Vocabulary Lesson 14 this week.

MATH   We will do some review this week of measurement, probability, and fractions.  I am looking at doing some in class, hands-on activities on Thursday to finish off our review. 

 Please keep working on addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts at home!  The more practice the better!  🙂

SCIENCE –  We will focus on Social Studies for the next few weeks.   

SOCIAL STUDIES   I would like to finish up Chapter 4 this week with a test on Thursday.  We still have a few things to cover, so I am playing this day by day!  Keep watching the daily emails for up-to-date info!



Fridays in Lent – .  As a part of our Lenten Journey, the 3rd grade class will participate in the Stations of the Cross every Friday.  The times may vary, but I will try to let you know ahead of time when we will be doing this so if you would like to join us you are more than welcome.  This Friday, we will begin around 1:30 in the Church.  WE WILL GO ON THURSDAY THIS WEEK!

 Tuesday, March 21 – We will be painting our pigs on Tuesday, March 21 around 1:30pm.  Please be sure your child has a “paint” shirt or old shirt to wear over their uniform!

St. Rose 3rd, 4th, 5th grade Spelling Bee– We will have our school Spelling Bee on Thursday, March 23 at 9:45am in the PLC.  From our class we have Kaydence and Joseph representing 3rd grade with Jada as our alternate!.

Thursday, March 23 – Balloon Release!  We will be releasing some balloons this Thursday at the end of the day. I have done this for several years in hopes that someone finds our balloon with a tag about how we have read “Charlotte’s Web” and are looking for any friends that find our balloons!  In the past, we have received messages back from people as close as Franklin to as far away as New York and the Jersey Shore!  Fingers crossed for someone to find our balloon!

TARDIES –  It is very important for the kids to be at school on time each day.  When the kids come in late, they miss an important time in the classroom.  My mornings are set up for some “new day socializing”. This is chance for the kids to chat and get caught up from the day before.  It is also a time of early morning directions on how the day is going to go, what to do for morning work, and our daily prayer circle. If they are late on Fridays, they are missing the same thing in Art class, since we have Art first thing at 8am. When they are late, they seem to be more frazzled because they are trying to get caught up and figure out what is going on in the classroom.  I know some mornings can be rough, but please try to have the students to school by 8am when the tardy bell rings.

**PE NOTE – On the days that we change for PE (Thursday and Friday) the students will need to be sure and have pants to put on for dismissal. This could be just a pair of sweats/pajama pants/etc. or their uniform pants.  As we get into the colder months, I do not want them walking out to the cars in shorts.

**Please be sure to read the ROAR! for more St. Rose School Information! 

Monday  –  PE

Tuesday  –     MUSIC  

Wednesday  –   LIBRARY

Thursday  –  MASS, SPELLING BEE, and PE

Friday  SPRING BREAK!  See you back here on Monday, April 3!

 Have a great break! 🙂