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Middle school students have a very busy week coming up!!  On Monday, I will be out all afternoon (please pray for my son Sean, who will be having his wisdom teeth removed).  On Wednesday, all middle school classes will meet in the church from 12:40-2:40 to hear Father Vincent Lampert speak about his job as the exorcist for our archdiocese, and about the constant battle between good and evil on earth.  Parents and parishioners are welcome to attend.  On Friday, the entire middle school will march in the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Indy.

BTW, NO JOURNALS ARE DUE this week or next.

Between those activities, there will not be much time for regular classroom instruction, but here is what we hope to accomplish this week:

6th Grade: We have finally reached the Promised Land with the Israelites, after weeks of wandering in the desert with them!  We will see Joshua take over as their leader after Moses dies, and begin to study their adventures as they enter the Promised Land.

7th Graders will continue to study Jesus as prophet – those times when Jesus looked into people’s hearts and told them exactly what they needed to hear.  Our focus at the end of the chapter is on the virtues, especially the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity and the Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance.

8th Graders will mainly be working on some special projects this week – practicing for Mary’s Way of the Cross and also preparing a project to help younger students better understand the adjustment to middle school.  We had our first practice for Mary’s Way of the Cross last week, and this year’s 8th graders are off to a wonderful start toward making their presentation the best ever.  If at all possible, join us on Good Friday, April 14!