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The Lion Cubs had fun this week.  We talked about the  Letter Hh and some of us wore hats on Wednesday.  We also made shamrocks out of green paint and marshmallows!  St. Patrick’s Day is next week.  The school will all be wearing green on Friday, March 17.  If your child comes on Friday, have them wear green, too!

Next week we will talk about the letter Ii.  We are also getting better at all our letters and working on numbers, too.  We do lots of books and puzzles and games every week which help us with all of these things we are learning.

I am really starting to see progress with our Lion Cubs!  It’s so exciting to see them learning new things, playing together, starting to count and write letters!  All of these things will help them on their way!  One skill which they still need to work on is cutting with scissors.  We will be working on that a little more at school.  If you have child’s scissors at home, you might let them practice this skill with scrap paper or old magazines.  It’s messy, but they love it and it keeps them busy for quite a while!

Please keep an eye on your children and keep them home for 24 hours if they have a fever over 100.  That usually means they are coming down with something and that they are contagious.

Please keep sending in warm coats/jackets to school for recess.   I know it’s hard to plan ahead for this crazy weather, but we will go outside and sometimes it’s a little colder than you would expect.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Langferman