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Happy Monday!  Our first round of ISTEP testing is in the books quite literally!  YAY! The students have done the trickiest part, in my opinion, and we will press forward to keep learning new skills so that we are prepared for the final round in late April.  We will take it on our Chromebooks!


Dates to Know:

3/7 PRIDE Meeting

3/8 Report Cards go home (all accounts must be paid in full)

3/10 Honor’s Day at 2pm

3/12 Daylight Saving Time begins

3/20 Math-a-thon money and work due!

3/23 No afternoon Ext. Care (Spring Break begins at dismissal)

3/24-3/31 SPRING BREAK

*Check the Google Calendar on the front page of our school’s website!


Chapter 12: We Prayer the Lord’s Prayer

Students will learn that when we are praying to our loving Father in Heaven, we trust that God will provide for our needs, forgive our sins, and protect us from harm.  We let go and trust that God knows what is best for us and for the coming of the Kingdom.

We are all called to make prayer a habit; pray always and everywhere!

Perhaps you’d like to do some extra credit at home?  Ask about Family Time in our textbook!


Chapter 12 Multiply and Divide Fractions

We are currently working on a multi-step process of converting mixed numbers to improper fractions.  Some students are struggling with having so many steps. We will continue to master this skill, but any support from home is appreciated.  Students have a modified homework assignment based on their workbook page 12.7

Social Studies– 

Chapter 9: The Revolutionary War

This is an exciting time in our history!  Students will learn the causes of the American Revolution, identify important people during the period, and understand the importance of individual participation in democracy!

And I almost forgot….we’ve taken over Flag Duty, too!  Each morning the students (in pairs) will raise our United States flag, and each afternoon will fold it properly for the night.  How patriotic!

Reading- Fictional Story

My Great- Grandmother’s Gourd

Skill: Compare and Contrast; TEST on Friday

Vocab. Words : 8 from the story

Vocab. for Achievement: Lesson 12 Activity and Inactivity; Quiz on Friday

Spelling: list of 20 words, students have both electronic copy and hard copy; test on Friday


Science- From the desk of Mrs. Tieken:

In this chapter we will learn about Earth’s atmosphere, what it is made of, and how it makes life possible.  We will learn the difference between weather and climate, as well as what makes up the atmosphere and how it is changing.

Questions, comments, or concerns please email me at [email protected]  or I invite you to call me at home, your child has my number in their planner.

Peace and blessings



Monday:  Computer Lab 11:00-11:45; Music 2:00-2:45

Tuesday: PE 1:15-2:00

Wednesday: Library 12:30-1:15

Thursday: Mass 8:30-9:15, Art 2:00-2:45

Friday:  Band 10:15-11, PE 1:15-2:00