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The Lion Cubs had a busy week.  Mrs. Snedegar was with them on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday because Mrs. Langferman had to help give ISTEP.  They talked about the letter G and made pictures with Easter grass!  We will be sending those home to you so you can enjoy them!!  We read  Dr. Suess’s ABC in honor of Dr. Seuss week.  We enjoyed finger painting in Art Class on Monday and playing in the gym in our free time on Thursday.

Your children are growing academically, socially and spiritually!  They are playing with others, learning to share, learning to pray, and learning about their letters and letter sounds, learning to count, sort, do puzzles, and much more! They are also enjoying having books read to them and then looking through the books later, remembering what we read. We are enjoying seeing all of this growth!

Thanks to all of those who sent in kleenex, paper towels and snacks!  We should be good for a while now. If you are still on the snack list, we can always use those.  🙂

Next week we will be talking about the letter Hh.  They can wear Hats on Wednesday for the letter Hh.  We will also be talking about Lent and Easter.  Lent is the 40 days before Easter when we remember all of Jesus’ sacrifices for us.  We “give up” something, such as not eating meat on Friday, or playing on electronics.  All of these sacrifices we can “offer up” in our love for God.  Also, if we give up one small thing, like a trip to McDonald’s. we can give the money that we would have spent to a food pantry or the missions.  Learning to think of others is a virtue that we can instill in our kids at a young age and it will benefit them for life!

Thanks for sending your child to St. Rose!  If you know any other families that have young children, please spread the word about our school.  We are enrolling for next year’s Lion Cubs now and hope to have a full classroom of little ones this August.  They just have to be 3 years old by Aug. 1. (And potty-trained!)

Have a great weekend and remember Hats on Wednesday!  🙂

Mrs. Langferman