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What a week!  Lion Cubs had a Valentine’s party on Monday and on Wednesday it was Julianne’s birthday!  They  brought home treats 2 days this week!  Thanks to those who sent in treats for our party.  Mrs. Snedegar brought in two games as well.The kids loved the bean bag Valentine’s bugs that they threw through a poster board heart!  Then we played pin the arrow on the heart as well.

Three and four year old children need a little education on what to do with Valentine treat bags and how we give something to each child.  Some of them thought the treats they brought to share were going to something they could eat at the party, or a toy they could play with right then.  It was a little distressing when they found out that was not true!  Maybe next year at Valentine’s Day they will know what to expect!

We talked about Valentines this week and the letter of the week was Ee.  During music time, we played with egg shakers (kind of like little maracas, but shaped like eggs).  We also made an uppercase E out of our rhythm sticks (after we used them to play a song).  It took two to play a song and four to make the letter E.

Remember–Monday Feb. 20 is a holiday (President’s Day) and there is no school.  We will see you on Tuesday (or Wednesday) as usual!

Also–our supplies of kleenex and paper towels are getting low.  If you are able, please send in some kleenexes or paper towels!  We’d appreciate it!  I am sending the snack list out again.  We are a little bit low in the snack cabinet, as well.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Langferman