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Rdg: “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen.

Skills for the week: Determining themes and symbols in literature

LA – Vocabulary list: ten words from “Spirit Bear.” Test on Friday.

Math – We have a special guest teacher from Franklin College joining us each Monday. Professor Paul Fonstad, known to the students as “Dr. Math”, takes over to present lessons in geometry, algebra, etc. Welcome, Prof. Fonstad!


LA – Vocabulary list: Words from “The Giver.” Test on Friday.

Blue and Yellow Rdg Grps. – Reading “The Giver.”

Skills for week: Identifying irony in literature.


Yellow and Blue LA – Independent and Dependent Clauses

Yellow Group Rdg. Group – Reading “The Giver.” .
Blue Group Rdg. Group – Reading “Gathering Blue” Quiz on Chapters 1-5 on Thursday.

Yellow Group Vocabulary: Words from “The Giver” Test on Friday.
Blue Group Vocabulary: Words from “Gathering Blue.” Test on Friday.