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Dolphin          3rd Grade GOD IS LOVE Weekly WaveSandDollar

RELIGION We will have a test over chapter 9 on Tuesday.  Look for test hints in today’s daily email.  In our next chapter we will be talking about Gathering for Mass. We will talk about what we do wehen we gather for Mass on Sunday, how we serve each other, and the Rites and Prayers of Sunday Mass.

**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on mass days!  This is blue pants and white shirts for the boys.  Plaid skirt or jumper with a white shirt for the girls!  (Girls will be able to wear pants for Mass Uniform starting in November.)

 SPELLING Our words this week are Homophones (sale/sail, rowed/road/rode).  We will have our tests on Wednesday and Friday.  Please see the link below for the new list of spelling words for the next three weeks!

Seven Washington Dollar

READING Our story this week is “Here’s My Dollar.”  We will work on vocabulary, comprehension, author’s purpose and point of view.  We will also look at rhyme scheme repetition and how to figure out an unfamiliar word in context.

GRAMMAR In Grammar we will be working on Irregular Verbs. In our Vocabulary book we will be working on words from Science.

MATH   We will continue to work on our basic math skills, but we are moving on to talk about measurement – length, perimeter, area, and temperature.  We are also going to move to chapter 12 and talk about pictographs, line graphs, making a list to solve a problem, and line plot. and probability.

 Please keep working on addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts at home!  The more practice the better!  🙂

SCIENCE –  We will continue to work on fossils and fuels, water on our planet, and saving our resources.

SOCIAL STUDIES   We will focus on Science for the next few weeks.



Tuesday, Feb. 14 – Muffins with Mom!  Moms – bring your LOVES to school and enjoy a muffin or two before school starts!  Muffins with Mom will be in the PLC starting at 7am.

Tuesday, Feb. 14 – VALENTINE’S DAY PARTY – Here are the families the volunteered to help for the Valentine’s Day Party!  Any takers on a CRAFT??  Just let me know!  Students will be able to bring in Valentines for the class.  Keep in mind we have 16 students.  Please do not try to put names on them, just make them so they can be dropped in each Valentine Bag that we will make in class!
Snack – Sammy Marten
Drink – Keylee Hudson
Craft –  Corbin Sejas
Game – Mrs. Dinkel

WEAR PINK/RED/PURPLE – Students may come out of uniform and wear something
“Valentine-y” on Tuesday!

TARDIES –  It is very important for the kids to be at school on time each day.  When the kids come in late, they miss an important time in the classroom.  My mornings are set up for some “new day socializing”. This is chance for the kids to chat and get caught up from the day before.  It is also a time of early morning directions on how the day is going to go, what to do for morning work, and our daily prayer circle. If they are late on Fridays, they are missing the same thing in Art class, since we have Art first thing at 8am. When they are late, they seem to be more frazzled because they are trying to get caught up and figure out what is going on in the classroom.  I know some mornings can be rough, but please try to have the students to school by 8am when the tardy bell rings.

**PE NOTE – On the days that we change for PE (Thursday and Friday) the students will need to be sure and have pants to put on for dismissal. This could be just a pair of sweats/pajama pants/etc. or their uniform pants.  As we get into the colder months, I do not want them walking out to the cars in shorts.

**Please be sure to read the ROAR! for more St. Rose School Information! 

Monday  – PE 


Wednesday  –  LIBRARY

Thursday  –  PE 

Friday  ART  and PE