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Our Lion Cubs have had a great week!  We talked about the letter Dd.  We played with dinosaurs, dolls and dogs.  We found a diamond shape in our classroom. We read books about dinosaurs, also.  We made the letter “D” out of pipe cleaners that we bent into different shapes.  We also wrote the letter “D” on a white board.  We love writing on the white board with wipe off markers!

Mrs. Snedegar brought in dinosaur eggs to let us see if we could get a dino to hatch out!  Unfortunately, the dollar store was fresh out of baby dinosaurs and so we found frogs and lizards inside!!  The kids wanted to keep them, but we are going to start a new bin of toys in the classroom made up of these.

We worked on a Valentines bag for our Valentines that we will give out on Monday, Feb. 13.  Not all the children will be at school on the real Valentine’s Day, so we are having our party one day early.  You may send in Valentines for the class if you wish,  There are 11 Lion Cubs on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please send something small (our treat bags are the brown lunch bag size).  Also, don’t worry about putting all the student’s names on the Valentine.  Just sign your child’s name so we know who it is from.  I could still use some snacks or drinks, or paper products if you would like to contribute.  Just send me a message so I know what’s coming in!  Thank you!

Next week we will be working on Ee.  We plan to play with eggs (the little plastic ones!).

Remember, there is no school on Monday, Feb. 20.  That is President’s Day.  It is in the calendar as a snow make-up day, so if we have a snow day before then, we could possibly have school, but it is not likely!

One more item:  They seem to want to bring in toys from home, and this can be somewhat of a problem.  The rule is no toys from home can come into the classroom.  Toys in the bookbag are usually just a distraction.  Thanks for following this rule.  We have not started doing show and tell, we just don’t have enough time in the morning to do it.  This is something they can look forward to in Kindergarten and Kindergarten Bound.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day next week!

Mrs. Langferman