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Religion- The Ordinary Season finds us learning “ordinary” things. Actually they are the basics of our Catholic faith. We will have an assessment over the next section of notes on Tuesday February 14. Please study nightly to help your child understand the basics of our faith.

Science: The wonderful world of plants is our current focus. I expect to be ready for an assessment sometime next week. Please help your child understand the highlighted parts we have covered.

Reading ; As promised…informational text has arrived. Ask you precious one what that might look like. Just in case they don’t know it is reading non-fiction material.   This week we will learn all about Rats. Remember the Pied Piper of Hamelin, you don’t Oh rats, you will!

Language Arts: This week’s new skill with center on the authors purpose of a story. If your child comes home hungry it is because they will learn about the PIE.

Social Studies-Last week we learned about famous women in Indiana. Now it is time to learn about some famous Indiana me.   Please review highlighted materials with your precious one.

4th Grade Math: Moving forward chapter nineteen fractions. We will represent parts of a whole using pictures. Students will learn to simplify fractions.

Extras: Last week you should have received a stack of graded papers. If you did not your child recycled then when I passed them back.   You can check those grades on line.   I can’t help but think many of them went in the recycling bin because of the low scores. For this reason beginning today any paper that has a score of 75 or lower will need to be signed by you and returned. I don’t want anyone to be shocked when reports come home. I realize many people have the winter blahs and many children are affected by this too, but we have much to accomplish and I need the children to continue to give their all. The biggest problem we are having is that children are not reading carefully. My main concern is if they don’t read carefully now what will they do come ISTEP. I will be working on this but need your help too. So, I would appreciate if you could review highlighted materials nightly to help in this process.

Down the Road

  • Annual Fund Dinner Wednesday February 8 6:30-9:00 in the PLC