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The fruit of the Spirit for February is PATIENCE!

Schedules will be a bit different this week because of “Promise to Keep” presentations.

Here’s this week’s update for each class…

6th Grade will return to their study of Moses and the Exodus this week.  We will continue our journey to the Promised Land.  Reminder: 6th grade journals are due every Friday.

7th Graders will begin a chapter titled, “God’s Plan for Love and Marriage” (Chapter 16 in the Religion Workbook). We will be discussing what qualities/characteristics are important for a joyful and successful marriage, happy marriage as an image of God’s love for every person on earth, how to develop qualities now that will be needed as a husband or wife when/if the time comes, and the importance of remaining sexually pure (in the greater context of developing true purity of heart throughout life) until marriage, and remaining faithful to a spouse during marriage.  You may want to review the chapter in your student’s workbook, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  This is good timing, as “Promise to Keep” will also be presented this week.

8th Graders will wrap up their study of the “Age of Persecutions” and the heresies that plagued the early Church, with a review Tuesday and a quiz on Wednesday.  After that they will move on to the learn about the fall of the pagan Roman Empire, and the Church’s role as a beacon of light and learning during the dark days that followed.  Reminder: 8th grade journals are due this Friday.