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 100th Day Celebration:

We have a fun-filled day planned for our 100th Day Celebration today! I don’t know about your little one, but I’m sure I’ll be WORN OUT by the end of the day after doing all of the activities we have planned!  I can’t wait to see the children in their 100th day creations.  I know they will look GREAT!  Thanks for helping them out and thanks for your help with our snack! We are planning to do many different activities today to celebrate the 100th day of school. We will start off our day by getting with our 8th grade buddies for an activity.  We will then count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s & 10’s (so far, 11 students have accepted and successfully completed the 100th day challenge & more are hoping to do so soon).  We may even count by 2’s for something extra. I know I’ll have a handful of children who can help me  count by 2’s because they are accepting the added challenge on the January/February goal sheet!   Some of the other activities we have planned are as follows:  the children will estimate which jar has 100 items in it, make a snack with 100 pieces of goodies,  draw a picture illustrating what they would buy with $100 (we usually get a good laugh on this one), read books with 100 in the title and do 100 exercises (5 different exercises, 20 of each).  I even plan on challenging the children to see if they can sit quiet for 100 seconds!  Now that will be a challenge! 🙂   Some of their 100th day work will be displayed outside of our classroom if you get a chance to stop by and take a look.  Be sure to check out our bulletin board to see 100 reasons we LOVE ST. ROSE SCHOOL!  We got help from our students, teachers and staff for this one.  We are looking forward to a GREAT day! We are so PROUD of the Kindergarten class for all of their accomplishments!! Keep up the GOOD WORK!  100 days down, 80 to go!  (Since we had to celebrate a day late, we actually only have 79 days of school left, but who’s counting? 🙂 )


CATHOLIC SCHOOLS:  Communities of Faith, Knowledge & Service 

We will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week next week.  There are many fun activities planned for our students  during CSW (agenda was sent via e-mail with the Weekly Roar). PLEASE be sure to look over the out of  uniform days for EVERY day next week. You’ve probably been hearing your child talk about “movie day.” YES, your child can bring his/her sleeping bag (blanket) & pillow for our movie afternoon in the PLC on Monday. PLEASE be sure sleeping bags are in SOME TYPE OF BAG so it’s easier for the children to carry. Our 8th grade buddies will help us fold up the sleeping bags after the movie, but the children will need to be able to carry their things back to the room (and to the car line).  Please be sure their name is on the bag. The children LOVE movie/pajama day! I wish I could come to work in my pajamas EVERY day! We are looking forward to an exciting week! If you are new to the school, you may not know what Punk-N-Rock means. It is a WONDERFUL “lip sync/variety” show put on by our 7th and 8th graders. It’s a St. Rose tradition and FAVORITE! We hope you can join us on Friday evening. I’m sure the kids would LOVE to see their 8th grade buddies in action if you are able to make it. THANK YOU for the sacrifices you make to send your children to St. Rose School. I attended Catholic Schools for 12 years and my children attend (ed) St. Rose and Roncalli so I can honestly say, I know you make MANY SACRIFICES and demonstrate UNCONDITIONAL LOVE on a DAILY BASIS. THANK YOU! Your children may not realize it yet, but some day they will THANK YOU for giving them such a WONDERFUL GIFT. I speak from experience since I find myself thanking my parents for doing the same for my 4 siblings and me. Thank you for letting Mrs. Salazar and me be a part of your child’s education. We are TRULY BLESSED!



Maggie was our STAR student this week!  She was born on December 27, 2010.  Due to the holidays, we haven’t had a “star” in a while so the children were really excited to see Maggie’s door on Monday morning.   Maggie was even more excited than her classmates, as I’m sure you can imagine!  Maggie loved the piece of purple fabric her mom used to write her name on as well as the big star she made for the center.  Maggie LOVES her family very much!  She really enjoys spending time with her family whether it’s going to Indians baseball games, camping, fishing or making fairy gardens.  Maggie likes jumping at Skyzone with her mom, she likes tackling with her dad and playing with her big sister, Molly (2nd grade).  The girls are very creative and like to use their imagination.  They even made a couple really cool rocket ships out of cardboard boxes.  Maggie really looks up to Molly and after having taught Molly I know just how lucky Maggie is to have such a special big sister.  She also enjoys spending time with her cousins, Aunt Amy, Nana, Grams, Grandpa and Pops.  She even got to be a flower girl with Molly in her aunt and uncle’s wedding.  Maggie especially loves the camping trips she takes with her family.  When I asked Maggie if they sleep in a tent or a camper, right away she responded, “Well, mom really wants a camper, but dad likes the tent.”  🙂  Maggie also enjoys going to the library,  bowling and being with her friends.  Her favorite book is The Princess in Black.  Her favorite foods are mac and cheese, pizza, “slushies” and anything chocolate as long as she gets to lick the bowl.  Maggie’s favorite color is purple.  Thanks for sharing, Maggie!


*1/27  St. Rose of Lima Catholic School Blood Drive.


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*1/28  Mass @ 4:30 p.m.  All are welcome!  Students are encouraged to wear their school uniforms to mass this weekend as a sign of their St. Rose School pride!

*1/29  Mass @ 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  All are welcome! (Children’s Liturgy of the Word).  St. Rose Open House 12:30-2:30.  BE SURE TO SPREAD THE WORD AND BRING A FUTURE LION WITH YOU ON SUNDAY!  🙂  I can’t believe it’s time for “my little ones” to find out what 1st grade is all about.

*1/29-2/3  Catholic School’s Week

*2/3  Punk-N-Rock @ 7:00 p.m.;  Mark your calendar for this St. Rose tradition. Our 7th & 8th graders put on a fun-filled variety show for all to enjoy!  You won’t want to miss it!  PRIDE sponsors a chili supper before the show beginning at 5:30.  The chili supper helps to raise money for our 8th grade buddies end of the year trip to Washington D.C.

*Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it and this will be our final holiday party of the year.  We are still in need of someone to do a craft or a game for the party on Tuesday, February 14.  If you are able to help, please let me know.  The following parents have already signed up (at Back To School Night) to help:  Snack/Mrs. Marshall, Juice Boxes/Mrs. Goins and Napkins/Mrs. Bowker.  Please consider signing up if you can.  If you are unable to attend the party, but can send in a craft or a game we can do it with the children.  We usually have lots of great help at our parties!  Thanks for considering!

*Due to your generosity, once again, we will NOT need a February snack calendar.

*Upcoming Stars:  1/30-2/3 Brooklyn; 2/6-2/10  Haven; 2/13-2/17  Aidan.

*I will begin assessing January/February goals the 2nd week of February.  Please be sure you are practicing with your child!  If you would like for your child to do the challenges, please be sure to note this in their Friday folder if you haven’t already done so. So far, I have 2 students accepting the challenges.  Remember, if your child gets all of the goals, but misses the challenges it does not keep them from getting their goal sheet.  The challenges are extra.

*Please note that St. Rose follows Franklin Community School for cancellations and delays. When delays or cancellations occur, they will be announced on local stations (CBS, ABC and NBC) under ‘Franklin Community Schools’. St. Rose will, also, send out an email through Jupiter. On the morning of, you may call the school office at 738-3451 to verify any delays or cancellations.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thanks to the Franklin Library staff for coming to read to our class!  We really enjoyed their visit!

*Thanks for your help with the “surprise bucket.”  The children are doing a great job!

*Thanks for your help with our 100th day snack & the 100th day creations!

*Thanks in advance to all who are helping with our Open House!

*Thanks to all who are donating blood today!

*Thanks to all who have signed up in any way to help with the chili supper next Friday!

*Thank you for helping with our daily snacks!

*Thank you for choosing St. Rose of Lima Catholic School!

*Thanks for all you do!



…the sound for “B” and some words that begin with the “B” sound (see if I can sound spell some of these words).

…our 100th day snack.

…counting to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s and even 2’s.

…which jar had 100 items in it and how many predicted the right jar (what made some guess the wrong jar).

…how many bundles of 10 straws we have to show 100 days of school.

…what we did with our 10 bundles of straws in the hallway.

…our 100th day creations we made with our buddies.

…how many quarters we have on our calendar after making trades to show 100 days of school (4 quarters; 100 cents).

…some Arctic giants.

…why some Arctic animals use camouflage to hide.

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂